Top 10 worst secondary characters in series, those who would have done better to be …

In the jungle of secondary characters in the series, there are those we love, with whom we would like to go on vacation, or even get married, and then there are the others, those who cannot be fucked up and whom we would like to see a slow and painful death die. We submitted our ranking for your judgment and you have judged. France has spoken. Here are the worst supporting characters in the history of the TV series.

1. Skyler in Breaking Bad

My poor Skyler, I’m sorry I have to once again make you the worst character ever in the history of the TV series. Know that this is not personal, I like you, I supported you throughout your procrastination, I have never lost faith in you. But what do you want? You crystallized all the hatred viewers. It is unfair. But life is unfair.

2. Carl in The Walking Dead

Definitely the worst character of the series (apart from the one that follows right after). The only good thing about this character is that he cries out slowly after being bitten by a zombie. The bad thing is that it only happens in the ninth episode of the eighth season.

3. Lori Grimes in The Walking Dead

What a gourd that one, to gobble up a packet of morning-after pills to try to have an abortion (she didn’t have to take a lot of sex education classes) all because she had the good idea to make a kid in a post-apocalyptic world. Great. yes well in the end it will cost him his life and too bad if I spoil you, we must stop with this ultra stupid series.

4. Emily in Friends

Well yes we had forgotten that one! While she still messes up a hell of a lot in the group of friends with her anti-Rachel obsession that breaks everyone’s balls. Well, it’s true that Ross’s pronouncing the wrong name at the wedding altar shouldn’t have put her at ease. But anyway it is totally calibrated so that we hate it so why deprive ourselves?

5. Jenny in Gossip girl

She’s stupid, she’s soft, she’s drunk. It’s very simple, as soon as Jenny Humphrey opens her mouth you want to hang yourself. He is clearly one of the most useless characters in the series.

6. These two badgers in HIMYM

This unbearable two-headed monster to whom the story of their parents’ meeting is told gives us the greatest power with their asshole face and their big ass spread out on the sofa. Their presence is just used to delay the plot with horribly boring back and forth between the past and the present of Ted, the most boring character in the history of the sitcom.

7. Tyene Sand in Game of Thrones

Well, there I find you a little hard, this character is still better than Gilly in the category of the worst characters of Game of Thrones. Tyene all the same the bastard born out of wedlock of Prince Oberyn Martell and Ellaria. She’s part of the Septa gang, she’s ultra badass. But go find out why, we want to slap him. And then it was not nice to kill Myrcella Baratheon.

8. Eliza Minnick in Grey’s Anatomy

It’s not for nothing that she was fired at the end of season 13. Everyone hates her. This character is so bad that to illustrate it I’ll just give you a gif of turd instead.

9. Dana in Homeland

Unbearable this dirty kid who prevents her father from carrying out his terrorist attack project! Can’t she just leave us alone for two minutes and have her teenage crisis somewhere else?

10. Cynthia in Malcolm

Best friend of Malcolm, she is annoying of naivety and plays the eccentric drunk which does not fail to force-feed us. Besides, she disappears from the series without really explaining and it’s for the best.

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