Top 10 worst scams relayed by influencers

“Hi my darlings today I really want to talk to you about a product that has changed my life like it’s sure you’re going to love it too much: it’s a new tanning system that consists of putting its hand in a toaster device that will make your hands sooooo beautiful, -20% with the promo code #louloulasticot to finally be too pretty girls »

I should have made a career as a cardboard influencer on Insta brothel… We knew that among the worst influencers there were many rejects of humanity, especially among influencers who ask for abused stuff. For the past few days, the Complément d’Enquête program “Scams, money and politics: the real business of influencers” has been causing a lot of ink to flow (as evidenced by this delicious dedicated top tweet). We therefore take this opportunity to tell you again here about the worst scams relayed by these people most often devoid of neurons thanks, among other things, to the excellent account @VosStarsEnRéalité which denounces and deciphers the dangerous bullshit that these big teubés share in stories to make tunes on the backs of their most naive followers.

1. Nabilla promoting a cryptocurrency

Oh yeah, that’s for sure that Nabilla seems to know a lot about cryptocurrency, we can trust her with her eyes closed (she says it in her story “you can go there with your eyes closed”)… Anyway . Fortunately, she was fined 20,000 euros because getting paid by dubious brands is one thing, but scamming her almost eight million followers is a tiny bit of abuse.

The services of the DGCCRF imposed a fine of 20,000 euros on Nabilla Benattia-Vergara for having touted financial services around cryptocurrencies, without specifying that it was an advertisement.

Posted by Numerama on Wednesday, July 28, 2021

2. The worst brand of all time voted on the networks: Nicky Cosmetics

We are told a lot about it in Complément d’Enquête. A bunch of influencers are promoting this cosmetics brand before users start pointing out how much it burns their tits. The height of the story: the brand belongs to the digital marketing agency We Events, which itself has a portfolio of influencers promoting the brand. Admit that it’s damn well put together.

Many users complain of hair loss, pain and itching. Contacted by us, the brand director talks about the stress due to confinement.

Posted by on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

3. Slimming diets that are crap but above all dangerous for your health

We had already told you about the worst slimming diet advice from influencers, but we particularly love Nabilla’s advice, which suggests to her fans the daily wearing of a sheathing corset. A trick that not only promotes extreme thinness, while offering a solution that does not work and will cost money to unfortunate people looking to lose weight quickly…

4. Simon Castaldi advertising a burst candy subscription

As the account @VosStarsEnRéalité explains very well, everything in this ad lets us understand that we are going to be seriously scammed. 1 euro per month for a box of sweets (wouahou la vida loca). If this guy’s silly way of talking isn’t enough to convince you that he’s selling shit, we do see that the actual subscription is 30 bucks a month. The featured offer that is supposed to expire has its counter reset as soon as the page is reloaded. “It’s crazy” as the gentleman would say.

5. Melofficiel who shares a scam in OKLM story

As we see below, she shares a completely fraudulent snap that offers the purchase of permits, training eligible for the CPF. In short, an assumed scam that it is totally forbidden to relay no matter how much the girl has touched it as a commission.

6. Influencers promoting busted surgeons for injections

The program Complément d’Enquête denounced the methods of the surgeon Benjamin Azoulay, adored by the stars of reality TV before being targeted by the complaints of 7 women who allegedly suffered terrible complications after his intervention far from respecting the rules of basic hygiene. Before all that, however, the man was widely acclaimed by influencers and he is far from the only one.

As seen in the post below: Julia Paredes promotes injections performed by an obscure surgeon, which is prohibited. At the same time she was already antivax so should we expect anything else from this person who obviously does not choose the right injections?

7. Paga who advertises a device to scale the teeth “because it avoids going to the dentist”

I’ll be honest with you, at this stage of the top I’m starting to get engulfed in a certain despair with regard to these potential buffoons who are definitely doing anything… It goes without saying that an appointment with the dentist is highly recommended rather than picking your teeth with this dubious tool.

8. Milla Jasmine who offers us to make lots of money with an online betting game

So Milla Jasmine is already cute but she is not approved by the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority so she is not allowed to do what she does. In addition, she has the nerve to make us believe that we take no risk in betting tunes and that we will certainly win the big moula “to put the daronne under cover”. How to make more shameful?

9. All the influencers who promote puff

So we’re already going to settle something right away: the puff is the worst invention in the modern world. A flavored disposable electronic cigarette for the little ones, you really didn’t have to have a race to put such shit on the market. And in your opinion, who could have even less race than the designers of this crap? The influencers who promote it. Not only is it forbidden (yes yes it is forbidden to advertise electronic cigarettes and their derivative products), but we don’t know anything about the origin of the products or the site that sells them. In short, there is every chance of getting it turned upside down.

10. Fiji Ruiz who suggests having an oxygen therapy session every week

I do not. I.

It cut me off all this bullshit bullshit…

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