Top 10 Worst People’s Defenses After Racism

Racists – who are horrible people, we can all agree – all have this little thing in common: they do not assume to be racist. Only, from time to time, they break down and make racist remarks, thus revealing their base thoughts in public. The tile. This is how they find themselves having to give bogus excuses to try to prove that they are not racist. Frankly, guys, we burned you, no need to lie to us in fact.

1. The deputy who launched “Let him return to Africa” ​​at the National Assembly explains that he meant “Let them return to Africa”

Grégoire de Fournas, deputy of the National Rally, shouted “Let him return to Africa” as France’s rebellious MP Carlos Martens Bilongo spoke about a ship carrying migrants seeking to reach European shores. We first thought at first that the deputy RN was addressing, in the singular, the deputy of France Insoumise who is black, but Grégoire de Fournas denied. According to him, he had said “Let them go back to Africa” ​​when speaking of migrants. But even giving him the benefit of the doubt, what he shouted is despicable, and this defense remains totally ridiculous: the guy is defending himself from a racist thing by advancing another racist thing. It’s totally stupid.

2. The pulmonologist who made a Nazi salute at TPMP said that his arm hurts

In September 2020, pulmonologist Patrick Bellier was invited to the TPMP set, and he was kicked out of the set after giving a Nazi salute during a debate on anti-masks. The gesture, besides being racist, was totally off topic, but it gets even more ridiculous. What is ridiculous is the defense of the pulmonologist, who denied having performed a Nazi salute by advancing a pain in the biceps which would have forced him to stretch his arm. So in addition to being racist, the guy is also a bit limited.

3. Nadine Morano and her friend “blacker than an Arab”

This one has become a classic: remember Nadine Morano, on the set of C à Vous, who tried to defend herself from being racist with this beautiful argument: “and there pretending to be someone, for example, who would be racist when I have friends who are Arab, including my best friend who is Chadian, therefore blacker than an Arab…” The discomfort is total.

4. Brice Hortefeux who had tried to pretend that he was talking about Auvergnats and not Arabs

In 2009, during the summer universities of the UMP in the Landes, a camera recorded Brice Hortefeux releasing racist remarks while Amine, a young man of North African origin, wanted to take a photo with the politician. Hortefeux had chained a “It’s our little Arab” with “When there is one, it’s fine. It’s when there are a lot of them that there are problems. » Totally pissed off. But the Minister of the Interior had not assumed and justified himself by explaining that he was talking about the Auvergnats and not the Arabs. Because in addition, the guy took us for idiots.

5. Trump and his “I am the least racist person in the world”

In 2019, in the gardens of the White House, in front of an audience of journalists, the former president of the United States affirmed it loud and clear, he is: “the least racist person in the world”. Wow, class! Except that the facts do not stick with his speech. The guy had accused just before Reverend Al Sharpton, head of the black rights movement, of being a “crook” who “hate white people and police officers”, but that’s not all. L’Obs has documented several racist outings by Trump, including the time he claimed that everyone in Haiti had AIDS, that Haiti was a “shitty country”where that time he called Democrat Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”. I’ll stop there, but the list is long.

6. Eric Zemmour who continues to defend himself from being a racist

On several occasions, the columnist-politician has defended himself from being a racist when everything in his positions smacks of racism from miles away. His worst defense remains that of his meeting in Villepinte, when he launched “Fascist… Me fascist…” before the crowd starts chanting ” WELL THEN “, his favorite little gimmick. The guy does not even try to argue anymore in fact, he thinks that two little words will rehabilitate him. It’s sad though.

7. Brigitte Bardot who apologized for putting everyone in the same bag when talking about Reunionese

Brigitte Bardot has been defending animals for a long time, which is a great fight, but when she wanted to fight against the massacre of animals on the island of Reunion, the actress sadly left on good big racism. Bardot had declared that the people of Réunion were a “degenerate population”and that Reunion was a “demon island” whose “The natives have kept their wild genes. » Later, she apologized, saying that her “only wrong” was to have castigated the entire population” instead of just going after those who hurt the animals. Yes finally, Brigitte, you went far all the same, and we feel that you rather said aloud what you had been thinking quietly for a long time.

8. Michael Richards is not racist, his character was.

The actor who plays Kramer in the series Seinfeld was visiting a West Hollywood Comedy Club in 2006 when he said to a black viewer: “Fifty years ago you would have been knocked upside down with a fucking fork up your ass” before saying the N-word several times. The thing was super violent, but Richards justified himself by advancing his acting profession: “I am an interpreter. I push the limits. I work in a very uncontrolled way on stage. I do a lot of free association – it’s spontaneous, I get into character. » then he concluded with: “I’m not racist, that’s what’s so crazy about it”. Aaaaaaaaah well then!

9. Charlotte Rampling is not racist, other people are.

When, in 2016, black actors boycotted the Oscars for the lack of inclusiveness on the part of the jury, Charlotte Rampling expressed herself in these terms on the subject: “Maybe black actors didn’t deserve to be in the home stretch”. But in order not to be the racist in the story, she felt that the boycotters were showing “anti-white racism”. The best defense is attack (no).

10. And Véronique Genest who… assumes a little, finally

Back on the TPMP set (oh there, this show…) with Véronique Genest, accused of being Islamophobic by Gilles Verdez, who launched into a real explanation: “So I thought about the meaning of the word Islamophobe. Phobia is fear. So yes, maybe I am Islamophobic. Tonight, I’m coming out, yes probably I am, like many French people, Islamophobic”. So, it’s a bit like she told us to be racist out of fear rather than racist out of hate. Either way, the purpose remains the same.

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