Top 10 worst pains in the world, worse than stepping on a very mean jellyfish

Flip a fingernail? Get you enucleated? Ugh. Let me laugh, it’s all good stuff. If the pain is difficult to quantify insofar as we rarely experience all these pains in a lifetime, many indicators seem to determine these pains as the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst that if you experience this one day in your life you will suffer your mother.

1. Childbirth

Without epidural of course otherwise it’s cheating. Childbirth, to give you an idea, is compared to breaking twenty bones at the same time. One wonders how one can still endure such torture to give life to a gelatinous gnome who will claim pocket money in 15 years before smoking cigarettes and having sex.

Top 10 worst pains in the world, worse than stepping on a very mean jellyfish

2. Crohn’s disease

This sympathetic chronic inflammatory disease causes pain close to an appendicitis crisis, an inflammation of the digestive tract which, in times of crisis, makes you want to gut yourself so much you suffer from death. And a disease unfortunately more common than it seems.

3. Paraponera ant sting

We are quite far from the classic red ant. On the Schmidt scale, an indicator of the worst pain from wasp stings, this is the worst. These Amazonian ants have a poisonous sting like a rifle bullet. And the funniest thing is that a coming-of-age ritual consists of slipping your hands into a pair of gloves infested with these charming little creatures. An Australian comic even did the experiment, and it’s pretty ugly.

4. A good little rheumatoid arthritis

A particularly virulent form of rheumatism that causes very violent pain in the joints, the kind of pain where even the contact of clothing on your skin becomes difficult.

5. Limb amputation

Again, without anesthesia of course otherwise obviously I too can have a cushy leg cut off. The worst being strangely the amputation of an index, the fingers of the hand being one of the most innervated part of the body (nothing to do with the fact that they are not happy).

6. Fibromyalgia from behind bundles

Chronic disease linked to sleep disorders, very difficult to treat, it is also characterized by widespread pain throughout the body, which means that the slightest area of ​​your body touched is suffering. Nice as a life project.

7. Migraine with aura

These unfortunately quite common forms of ophthalmic migraines are the worst you can experience. It’s all the more scary because migraines with aura have similar symptoms to stroke, which can really piss off the chips. Basically, when you get one, you’re ready to accept the guillotine to put an end to the torture.

8. Trigeminal neuralgia

Nothing to do with the fact that you are expecting three sets of twins, which would still be a lot. The trigeminal nerve runs through your sweet face and when it’s seized with this charming neuralgia, it’s a bit like half your face catching fire with painful contractions. Frankly between that and putting cream on my face, I tell you as I think, I prefer cream on my face.

9. Achilles tendon rupture

This little tendon tucked behind your foot is an extremely sensitive area. Rupture happens more commonly when you practice a sporting activity. The pain is roughly equivalent to being shot in the foot. And I don’t know if you’ve ever been shot in the foot, but it hurts.

10. Kidney Stones

One of the worst things in the world, like even worse than mental calculations. Kidney stones cause renal colic and there’s nothing you can do to relieve them, you’ll just bite your race and mourn your mother.

All these pains are of course nothing compared to the depilation of the inter-gluteal furrow, only the real ones know.

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