Top 10 worst names given to children by parents who are football fans

We make fun of the Clitorine and the Jésunette (true, it really exists), but do we talk enough about the Griezmann Mbappé and the Diego, Mara and Dona siblings?

Football is good, but compromising the professional future of our children is better. Here are some small examples of children who have an interest in becoming football stars because they will be able to do nothing else in any case.

1. Griezmann Mbappé in Chile

Already the kid was born on January 1, which is a bad date because no one will ever wish him his birthday and especially no one will ever be available to celebrate it since it’s the new year.

Then, we remind him in case but neither Griezmann nor Mbappé are Chilean players, but hey, it’s always nice to see that we have fans of the France team around the world.

2. Diego, Mara and Dona

A guy in Argentina who liked Maradona decided to name his two daughters: Mara and Dona (logical).

Last November, his wife gave birth to a son: Diego (coherent) who was born on the anniversary of Maradona’s death.

Ah yes, everything was calculated (even the day the kid was born), since the parents decided to do a caesarean section to be sure that the child would be born on the right day…it goes a long way.

3. Victoire Domenech (you will understand why)

There it’s a little different, Victory normally it’s not a difficult name to bear, it’s even rather banal.

But everyone happily laughed at little Victoire Domenech (poor one), because she was born the day Raymond Domenech was nominated for the selection of the France team… just before losing miserably the 2006 World Cup. Not cool.

4. Leo-Messi (and yes…)

The child is said to have been born in 2013, the day just after Messi scored a double against AC Milan in the Champions League. to name my child after a football player who would be an example of his technique, his intelligence and his manners”. Well ok that makes sense, but if the child wants to become a ballet dancer it’s a bit boring for him.

5. David Beckham

A family in England who are fans of David Beckham and whose last name is David cut to the chase (no pun intended) and decided to name their son Beckham. “Since the last name is David, why not call the kid Beckham, that’s a good idea isn’t it??” “There you go, the reflection did not go further.

6. Arshavin (and no that’s not the name of a plant or a disease)

Someone in 2017 France really called their child Arshavin in the 62 (I saw that on the internet in a weird site, so it’s true). Surely the only person in France who is a fan of the Russian player (and who knows him), to the point of calling his son like that…

7. Bixente (but still okay)

Bixente is a rare first name in France, even if we notice more and more births, surely thanks (or because) of Bixente Lizarazu. So, if you know football and are a fan of Bixente Lizarazu, or if you decide to live only in the Basque country all your life, it passes as a first name.

But remember that this is not the case for all French people and even less abroad, so very often the kid will be called “BiXXante” (not phew) and he will just end up changing his first name. On top of that, if Bixente Lizarazu really inspires parents, his son is called Tximista (no, that’s not his wifi password).

8. Ronald and Dino

Two twins born in Brazil, Ronald and Dino, named in honor of the famous Ronaldinho… well ok I’m lying (although??) but after Diego, Mara and Dona nothing is impossible.

9. Kaka and Nene

This is where things get complicated…

Kaka and Néné were both very great Brazilian players. Obviously in Portuguese “Kaka” and “Nene” it means nothing very funny so everything is fine. But if a poor Frenchman decides to call his children like that, it becomes really very complicated.

Top 10 worst names given to children by parents who are football fans
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10. Tirobut and Kufran

No, I’m abusing it, it doesn’t exist. Unless…..

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