Top 10 worst moves of millionaires, surprising people

We’ve all dreamed of what we’d do with our money if we won millions at the lottery… Big house, dream trip, shopping spree, gifts for our parents,… We’ve got lots of great ideas, not very original, but not malicious. Yeah, nothing to do with these little people who spend their money in the most terrible way. Money doesn’t make you happy, but it makes you really stupid, doesn’t it?

1. Aristotle Onassis and his whale foreskin stools

In appearance, it simply looks like leather. In reality, these stools are covered with whale foreskin skin. Sweet. When he installed a guest at his bar, he never failed to specify “you are sitting on the biggest penis in the world”. Class.

2. Cecil Chao proposed several million dollars to the man who would marry his homosexual daughter

Gigi Chao’s father, billionaire, launched a tender in 2012, after his daughter decided to marry the woman of his life, in France. Amount of the offer: 50, then 95 million euros, for the one who would manage to found a happy family with his daughter, by diverting her from her homosexuality. Atrocious. You can buy a lot of stuff sir, but, thank goodness, not that kind of thing.

3. Howard Hughes bought a TV channel just to show his movies.

Since then, we have invented Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney +, … So well, today is not crazy. But at the time, it still had to slam a little.

4. David Tepper bought the mansion from John Corzine, to raze it and build it bigger

A simple ego war between Tepper, an American investor, and his rival Jon Corzine, formerly CEO of Goldman Sachs. After being dismissed from the position of partner in the Corzine company, Tepper launched Apaloosa, and filled his pockets. Enough to raze a house of 570 square meters, and build a new one, almost twice as big.

5. Elon Musk, greenwashing at its peak

Bah… What do you call it, you, a guy who launches high-end electric cars, to help the planet, then uses his money to catapult things into space, emitting more carbon dioxide in minutes than anyone else? any human in a (long) life? Eh ? We agree.

6. Mike Tyson and his Bengal Tigers

The ex-boxer himself admitted that owning 3 company tigers was not necessarily the best idea. Indeed. Even though his house was, without a doubt, sumptuous, tigers clearly had nothing to do with it.

7. Henry Nicholas built a batcave for his drug parties.

Beneath his mansion, the co-founder of Broadcom Corporation, had a secret stone tunnel built. Quickly, he transformed this place into a place of debauchery, a real temple of sex and cocaine, where unlegal evenings followed one another.

8. They sometimes drive a little faster than average

That’s the advantage when you’re a billionaire, you don’t give a damn about respecting the highway code.

9. When Kylie Jenner asked for money to pay for her boyfriend’s surgery

In 2021, her makeup artist Samuel Rauda had a car accident and had to pay $120,000 for the operation he had undergone. Himself not having money on his account, the generous Kylie Jenner had naturally come to his aid. Nice, right? Okay, since Kylie had launched a call for donations to her fans to raise the sum. Coming from a girl who brews hundreds of millions, it’s still – excuse me for the term – a little strong coffee. Sorry, I got a little carried away with anger.

10. Donald Trump, for his entire work

Worst of his richou moves: becoming president of the United States and transforming part of the population into mindless plotters.