Top 10 Worst Middle and High School Class Ringtones Music From Hell

There’s a lot of stuff you weren’t told about middle school and high school when you were a kid and you had to figure it out on the job, like everyone else. There is one aspect in particular of secondary school that now haunts you today: the intercourse bell. If you went back to college today, you probably wouldn’t put up with that hellish music you’ve heard every day for years. Despite everything, you may have been spared because there are always certain establishments that are zealous and broadcast ringtones that are more unbearable than each other.

1. The Bodet bell

This ringtone is one of the most common in French establishments. In itself, it’s not unpleasant music to the ear but hearing it today gives me cold sweats since it was the ringtone of my high school, palace of boredom. This ringtone from hell is therefore propelled directly to the first place in a perfectly subjective way.

Ringtone rating: 0/20

2. Mas Que Nada – Sergio Mendes feat. Black Eyed Peas

Mas que Nada is a song by Jorge Ben Jor but we especially know the cover of Sergio Mendes with the Black and Peas. Why ? Because it was used in the 1998 Nike ad to support Brazil in the World Cup.

Once is nice. Ten times sucks. Ten times a day for three years is absolutely unbearable.

Ringtone rating: 4/20

3. The ringtone ringtone

This ringtone is the ringtone of the Hess that tears your eardrums and robs you of all desire to live. Afterwards, it’s already better than not having a ringtone and having to wait for the teacher to accept that you leave the room.

Ringer Rating: 5/20

4. 24k Magic – Bruno Mars

24k Magic, like Uptown Funk, is a song that should have died out soon after its release. Unfortunately, we still hear it today and it’s one of the worst supermarket songs. This musical ignominy already makes me want to scream in the yoghurt department so I can’t imagine the hell of the students who have to suffer it as a class bell.

Ringer rating: 6/20

5. The Supermarket Ringer

Every hour, you wonder if it’s the end of class or if little Timothée is expected by his mother at the store reception. Annoying, incoherent, nothing goes.

Ringer Rating: 7/20

6. Jerusalema – Master KG

Nice rhythm but once again very quickly annoying. We immediately guess that the school had planned to change the ringtone every month but that it will remain the same for fifteen years.

Ringer Rating: 8/20

7. The Life We Lead – Ninho

The music does not attack the eardrums, it is soft and melodious. The only problem is that you will automatically think of your college when you hear this song, and this all your life. Cool isn’t it?

Ringer Rating: 12/20

8. Boogie Wonderland – Earth, Wind and Fire

Lively and fun music that makes you want to move your body at each intercourse. Good atmosphere, we never get tired of it.

Ringer rating: 14/20

9. The chill atmosphere ringtone

This is proof that human beings like to complain. Here we have a non-violent, elegant and pleasing to the ear intercess bell, but some are still not happy. This ringtone immediately becomes my alarm clock.

Ringer rating: 16/20

10. IDF college ringtone

These few notes plunge me into a state of absolute happiness. I could easily listen to this music in my earphones so you will please me to enjoy it as college ringtone. A bunch of privileged people will…

Ringer rating: 18/20

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