Top 10 worst footballer injuries, the ones that hurt just by watching

Between a lot of simulations, and a few shouts in the wind, footballers sometimes get injured too, and seriously.

Cruciate ligaments, the great classic, it doesn’t just happen to your friend Enzo who was supposedly supposed to go to a pro club and who finally finds himself a window fitter. And there are plenty of injuries. Football is a demanding sport that solicits many muscles and joints of our body, here is a small summary of the biggest injuries of footballers, we warn you, it hurts.

1. Dave Busst injury – Manchester United v Coventry City, 8 April 1996

A former England defender, David Busst’s career came to an abrupt end after a serious injury in April 1996 during a match against Manchester United, while playing for Coventry. After advancing following a corner won by his team, he came into contact with two Manchester United players: Brian McClair and Denis Irwin. The shock caused a tibia and fibula fracture in his right knee. The blood definitely had to be removed from the field, yes it’s disgusting.

2. Aleix Vidal: the terrible injury of the Spanish football player

In 2017, Aleix Vidal suffered a horrible injury during the Spanish championship following a very big tackle which destroyed his tibia.

Pay attention to the following photo if you are a sensitive soul, you can clearly see the player’s foot badly damaged by the murderous tackle he suffered. The Spaniard thought he could keep playing, but he quickly realized that his injury was more serious than expected and he was also entitled to 15 stitches.

3. Eduardo da Silva’s injury – Arsenal v Birmingham, 23 February 2008

Eduardo Silva also had a big injury that football fans will not soon forget. In February 2008, Birmingham player Martin Taylor tackled Silva, who was then playing for Arsenal, which resulted in his dislocated left ankle and a fractured fibula, a pretty big toll for this nasty tackle. The player had to be taken to hospital immediately.

Luckily Eduardo Silva was able to recover from his injury and continued playing afterwards.

4. Polish Marcin Wasilewski’s injury

Again and again a tackle story.

Belgian international Axel Witsel drags his foot and hits the leg of Marcin Wasilewski who was then Anderlecht defender Marcin. This one breaks under the violence of the impact: double open fracture of 8 cm of the tibia and the fibula (yes anyway).

5. Neymar’s injury in the Brazil-Colombia match at the 2014 Cup

We very often make fun of Neymar for all the simulations he does in each of his matches, and that’s quite normal. But this time, the Ney was right to shout.

During the 2014 World Cup, in Brazil and therefore at home, Neymar received a real attack in the back from a Colombian player, who broke his vertebra. A fairly serious injury that will prevent the Brazilian from playing the rest of the competition. The worst thing in all of this is that if the blow had been struck even 2cm higher, Neymar could have been paralyzed… in short, he was lucky in his misfortune, and this injury was still quite impressive .

6. A beautiful fibula fracture for Manuel Pablo

Eight months before the 2002 World Cup, the Spanish international fractured his tibia and fibula following a serious foul by Everton Giovanella, a Brazilian player.

It was during a match in the Spanish championship which opposed Cologne against Celta Vigo, the surgeons finally placed a 36 cm pin in the right leg of the player who will have to wait four months before starting rehabilitation.

7. PSG: Grégory Coupet’s terrible injury

It was during the PSG – Auxerre match that Grégory Coupet broke his ankle trying to save a corner, which must have been a completely banal action.

The goalkeeper wants to avoid the corner but his left foot then gets stuck in the lawn and twists his leg. Assessment: a fracture-dislocation of the left ankle, and an operation at the hospital the same evening.

8. Filipe Luis’ broken leg

In a match against Bilbao, the Atlético Madrid defender came into contact with Gorka Iraizoz. After this shock, broken leg and dislocated ankle. It is also because of this that he will miss the 2010 World Cup with Brazil, a very big blow for the player.

9. Injury to Juan Arango – RCD Mallorca vs Seville FC, 20 March 2005

Venezuelan footballer Juan Arango played for LaLiga club RCD Mallorca. In March 2005, during a match against Sevilla, Juan came into contact with Sevilla player Javi Bavaro, which broke his cheekbone (yes it sounds very strange, but it’s true). He also swallowed his tongue and lost consciousness. He recovered to return to play, but only a month after his injury.

10. Suarez bites, not the worst but surely among the most emblematic

Luis Suarez is very famous for the bites he was able to give his opponents in moments of madness. There are three to his credit (which is really not bad since football is not a sport where you have to bite your opponents, no sport for that matter I think).

The shoulder of Giorgio Chiellini, Ivanovic, or even Otman Bakkal paid the costs, and sometimes until the blood.

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