We laughed at the ridiculous fashions of the 2000s not too long ago but they are already back so it’s time to move on to the next decade. Between 2010 and 2020, we saw the return of the bob, the new apogee of the fanny pack and corduroy, do you want some, but there are also fashions of which we are downright ashamed today (and yet, c is not that old).

The return of the Stan Smiths

At the start of the 2014 school year, half of the teenagers in France arrived at school with Stan Smiths or Superstars on their feet. Without knowing why or how, the pair of the 60s returned to fashion when we had not seen them since the 90s. Once again, Adidas has succeeded.

Accessories with mustaches and owls

There were plenty of very ugly patterns in fashion in the 2010s, but we will especially remember the mustaches of Eleven Paris which have spread everywhere, even in the €2 necklaces at Claire’s. There were also the colorful little owls (or owls, we don’t really know) that we found on jewelry and phone cases that were as cheap as can be.

The sock flip-flops

Our friends from the United States have been wearing tap shoes with socks since the dawn of time and one day or another, we know it would happen back home. So yes, it’s ugly but it’s true that it’s practical.

The Baby Milo sweatshirt

My god what a horror. If you were a teenager in the 2010s, you must remember those vile sweatshirts with ugly rhinestones. If your child was a teenager in the 2010s, you must remember that he asked you for this sweatshirt and that you said no. And you did well.

Brands like Supreme and Thrasher

Brands that sell white t-shirts with a logo on them have always existed but around 2015 Supreme abused the concept. The brand’s products were snapped up and teenagers (and even adults) were very proud to wear their far too expensive clothes.

UGG Boots

Like many people, I’ve worn UGGs and could wear them again. The problem isn’t just that it’s ugly: it’s super expensive for something ugly. But at the same time, they are the most comfortable shoes in the world.

Leggings and jeggings

In the 2000s, leggings were at the top of fashion and jeggings (those half-jeans, half-leggings hybrids) were not long in making their appearance in the early 2010s. We also remember the marvelous leopard leggings and even worse , the “galaxy” leggings that pre-teens were raving about.

The fluo for a yellow vest atmosphere

The fluo slowly came back into fashion in the 2010s but people were still a little traumatized by the overflow of kitsch of the 2000s. On the other hand, the signal vest has long been adopted for dressing in festivals and parties. Since the beginning of the yellow vests movement, this fashion has totally disappeared (the reverse would be a bit weird).

T-shirts with not funny phrases

T-shirts with unfunny phrases and dumb puns definitely died out in the mid-2010s after living way too long. Discovered and adored in the 2000s, fashion remained in the early 2010s and we are very happy that it is over.

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The down jacket with the fur on the hood

Finally, the fashion for fur on the hood of down jackets is definitely over. The foxes thank you and beg you not to fall back on synthetic fur because it’s just as ugly and beautiful.

If you miss the music of the 2010s and want to look 12 years younger, we have plenty of nostalgia tops for you.