Top 10 Worst Fan Communities

This morning, we got up and said to ourselves: hey, what if we got angry with 90% of the Internet?

So, what better than to go around the worst communities on the web? Nothing.

So don’t get mad, for the most part we like you anyway.

But we have to move on. Pity.

1. Kaamelott fans

We love Kaamelott, that’s not the problem.

But it’s been 20 years since it came out anyway, and you still answer “it’s not wrong” to every question, no matter when or where. Not to mention the Karadoc replicas that you release ALL THE TIME even when there’s no connection. The series is amazing, funny and everything you want.

But we got it, it’s good. Air.

Top 10 worst fan communities

2. Antivax and conspiracy fans

Alright, that’s complicated.

Having doubts about the vaccine, asking the question of the vaccine pass, all that, still happens. It can be understood, at least at first. But the old people (yes because they are often old people, even when they are young) who find themselves in Facebook groups to send conspiratorial memes every two minutes with Minions who have a 5G vaccine, help.

We lost a year because of you. We can’t take it anymore…

3. Star Wars fans

Perhaps the most TOXIC community.

Already, they are never happy. Since the first trilogy, they’ve been moaning. When they could like… watch something else. But no. They moan about everything, all the time. Some will even harass the actors and actresses on social networks.

But the WORST thing is that they play it purist all the time when we haven’t asked for anything: “Ewoks on Coruscant it’s simply impossible since in episode 2 Lord Doku makes a law in the Senate, signed by Jabu-Mamet. »

Oh brother, we don’t care. We just come to see Baby Yoda us.

Top 10 worst fan communities

4. Rick and Morty Fans

It’s the Kaamelott of the cartoon.

It’s super cool, but it feels like Rick and Morty fans have only seen this in their lives. Both series deserved better.

Top 10 worst fan communities

5. Johnny Fans

A rare community…

And so much the better. No but it’s true, it was funny but good the leather pants, the Harley tattoos, the children who are all called “Laura” or “David”, the t-shirts with wolves and “Envy in the background H24, it’s no longer possible.

6. Fans of the rules of the road

So be careful, we are not talking about cyclists in general. The bike is great, we love the Tour de France all that, no problem.

We are only talking about this tiny community of cyclists who post videos on social networks to show the incivility of pedestrians or motorists. We agree that there are many reasons to complain and that cyclists are not sufficiently protected in general. But the videos where guys on bikes YELL at passersby who have a piece of foot that overflows on the bike path, it’s also perfectly unbearable.

Fun fact, this community is called: les vélotaffeurs.

7. Fanzouzes

Surely the worst on the list. The “fanzouzes”, we remind you, are the fans of TPMP. Yes, it still exists.

They defend Baba as if it were their daron, they send him messages of love with every tweet, they attack everyone who dares to criticize the great guru or the show, their remote control only has the 8 key and they drool, a lot.

8. Football Fans

Alright, no surprises.

Nothing heavier than a supporter of a football club. And where it’s crazy is that it works with almost all clubs. Little self-mockery, lots of insults and always the same jokes towards the other teams.

Top 10 worst fan communities

9. Manga Fans

Individually, each community has its qualities.

They make crazy theories, incredible artworks, it allows to meet people, to share. Whether it’s fans of Naruto, One Piece, HxH and many others, there’s a lot of talent among these people. Undeniably.

But against each other, it’s hell. Everyone is convinced that they are right and love the best manga. And suddenly, it’s tense. And painful.

10.Harry Potter

Yes, Harry Potter is childhood, magic, memories…

But that’s not reason enough to start playing Quidditch for real either. You’re 47 and your broom doesn’t fly, Christian. Worse still, when we evoke the transphobic remarks of the author JK Rowling, it becomes a bloodbath. While we should all rethink our relationship with the saga, as complicated as it may seem.

But it’s not tomorrow the day before, unfortunately. Bunch of muggles.

Top 10 worst fan communities

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