Top 10 Worst American Remakes of Foreign Movies (Please Stop the Massacre)

We’ve already told you about the worst remakes of series, but also about French remakes of foreign films or even more successful remakes than their originals, today we’re looking at the worst American remakes, because there there are not only great stories like The Office in life.

1. Old Boy (remake of South Korean film Old Boy by Park Chan-wook)

Yes they dared. And if it is one of the great films that we don’t want to see again, that was no reason to give us a slammed remake. I like Josh Brolin but there are limits that should not be exceeded.

2. Code name: Nina (remake of Nikita by Luc Besson)

Basically, we already have a nice film but which has aged a little badly (like all Besson’s films except the fifth Element, you know yourself). So inevitably the remake that follows three years later and replaces Anne Parillaud with Bridget Fonda did not have much chance of staying in the annals.

3. The Dinner (remake of Francis Veber’s Dîner de cons)

NO BUT WHAT? How dare they? I worship Steve Carell and I tolerate Paul Rudd but well clearly we are not on the same subject guys. You only have to sniff the trailer to have a strong urge to vomit through your eyes it looks so rotten.

4. New York Taxi (remake of Taxi by Luc Besson)

And to think that this remake really existed with people who agreed to put money on it and others who thought it would be cool to play in it like Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon. Do you really think that Samy Naceri hadn’t already done enough harm to French cinema? Even the trailer is hosted by Dailymotion and not Youtube, that is to say.

5. Vanilla Sky (remake of the Spanish film Open Your Eyes by Alejandro Amenábar)

Even if Penélope Cruz remains in the cast, unfortunately that does not save this interstellar dung. Sorry Tom Cruise, we like you but there it whips.

6. Three Men and a Baby (remake of Three Men and a Bassinet by Coline Serreau)

Not a drama this remake but just a film that has aged badly and which we would certainly have done well without. If the title had been “Three men and a cousin” about a cousin-type insect that squats a roommate of three guys, well, I wouldn’t have gone there anymore.

7. In a Different Light (Remake of Nakache and Toledano’s Untouchables)

Unsurprisingly, the remake did not meet with the same success across the Atlantic as the French box. In addition, it was produced by Harvey Weinstein who was accused of rape when he was supposed to be released, obviously that did not help his success. Despite an enticing cast (Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart, Nicole Kidman and Julianna Margulies), we will forget it as quickly as we saw it.

8. Chloé (remake of Nathalie… by Anne Fontaine)

OK so already I don’t get the delirium of the remake which consists of changing the first name in the title. Then the remake is far from unanimous, for Télérama “The ending to the Fatal Liaison makes the spectator switch from polite boredom to nervous laughter”. That pretty much sums up our thinking.

9. Breathless, made in the USA (remake of the film of the same title by Godard)

Be careful, we are not at all in the same kind of new wave atmosphere with this remake whose American roots completely change the atmosphere of the film. Certainly the story is the same but the remake does not have the same depth. Forget this romantic comedy that has none of the charm of Bebel.

10. Ladykillers (remake of the British film Ladykillers by Alexander Mackendrick)

We are certainly on a very late remake (Lady Killers was released in 1955) which had more legitimacy than the remakes released two years after the original film, but unfortunately the success is not there. We may be dealing with the Cohen brothers, the humor of the film is described as heavy and winded unlike the original film which was nominated for an Oscar (1957) and brought Peter Sellers to the screen for the first time.

And you, what remake would your life be made of if it were adapted for Hollywood?

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