Top 10 Worst Accents in Movie History

You know what it is, in life we ​​like to classify people and put them in boxes because it’s cleaner and anyway if people don’t like the concept they will go in the box of those who don’t know how to laugh and who are idiots. It’s beautiful, it’s our world. In the field of actors and actresses, these personalities could be classified into two categories: those who do accents well and those who do them badly. Obviously, since I have no credit I will base this list on the choice of the spectators, because otherwise it would be just my opinion and I am the first to give a damn.

1. Dick Van Dyke in “Mary Poppins”

When one day your performance is tagged as the “worst English accent made by an American” you can be sure that your place in a top on bad accents is assured. And this is the case of actor Dick Van Dyke in the Disney film Mary Poppins who even apologized more than 50 years after the release of the film saying “I apologize for the most atrocious London accent in the history of cinema”. It’s good to own up to your mistakes, but it’s even better not to make them.

2. Quentin Tarantino in “Django”

As much as the guy manages well behind the camera, as much in front of it is not always equal even if there are some sympathetic appearances in his career (in particular his excellent scene of the film Four Rooms of which he realizes the segment). That being said, according to viewers it’s his appearance in Django which poses a huge problem since he tries to make it an Australian accent to cut with a knife which clearly did not convince. After that, he’s not there very long, so that’s fine.

3. Line Renaud in “Bienvenue chez les ch’tis”

According to the handsome QuentinD (admit he’s your favorite editor), Line Renaud’s accent in Welcome to the Ch’tis caused him an irrepressible urge to eat his arm at the cinema, he was so shocked. It must be said that the lady plays her accent by clearly forcing too much, but can’t we say that this is somewhat the case for all the actors in the film?

4. Benoît Magimel in “Marseille”

We cannot say that the series is the best thing that Netflix has given us, even if we can find qualities in it. Benoît Magimel’s accent had been a little (a lot) pointed out by the spectators because it was clearly too much. And at the same time, when I happen to do it at the end of the evening it doesn’t border on genius either, so we can’t blame him, plus he looks nice Magimel.

5. Nicolas Cage in quite a few movies

As much to tell you, Nicolas Cage often appears in the lists of actors with the worst accents in the world and it is not for a single film. Its role is mainly found in The wings of hell but lately it’s the movie Crusades which would have earned him the wrath of the spectators since he obviously hurt the crusader’s accent very badly. Having not seen the film, I cannot really tell you if they are right, but to be forgiven, I am giving you my technique for never missing the cooking of the pasta: you have to look at the cooking time on the bag and respect it.

6. Keanu Reeves in “Dracula”

The film Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola is a small masterpiece and if we quickly forget the performance of almost each of the prestigious actors who make up the cast because they are all eclipsed by the greatest actor of all time who is none other than Gary Oldman, the English accent of Keanu Reeves still bothered the spectators quite a bit. Even though Keanu Reeves is the most beautiful person in humanity, he also has weaknesses, and that’s what makes him so charming.

7. Jon Voight in “Anaconda”

Before being Angelina Jolie’s dad, Jon Voight is also an actor, and a pretty good one by the way. Only small downside, his totally improbable accent in the film Anaconda. And when I say improbable, it’s because no one really understands what country they are trying to draw inspiration from to make this new pronunciation. Most people think it’s a Spanish accent, others lean towards South American (which doesn’t mean anything, it would be like talking about a European accent) but in the end the mystery remains whole.

8. Brad Pitt (and a lot of people) in “Troy”

Ok so the movie is normally supposed to be set in Greece during the Trojan War, so why is everyone speaking with an English accent? Might as well assume the thing and speak normally since anyway it doesn’t make any kind of logic to see Greeks speaking in English. That being said, the character of Achilles played by the handsome Brad Pitt had been a problem since he was trying to stand out from the rest of the cast (his character coming from a different place from the others) but it just gave something really very very sleazy and absurd. But no one was listening since we were watching all his muscles.

9. Marion Cotillard in “The Immigrant”

Well, it’s not to hit on Marion Cotillard to relaunch the debate on her famous death in Batman but in The Immigrant the actress with the gilded statuette much classier than a Caesar had a rather failed and forced Polish accent. Even if she had learned Polish to prepare for her role, it had obviously not been enough to convince the spectators who had decided to throw their cups of coke on the cinema screen. Which is not done too generally.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio in “Blood Diamond”

If we can generally not fault the interpretations of DiCaprio in most of his films, for Blood Diamond his South African accent clearly did not convince. And yet he had taken lessons with an accent coach (it exists) and had stayed in the country for a while to learn by observation, but it was simply not enough for people who always want more, without to realize that they suck the soul of these poor actors who have already given them everything. You are really disgusting.

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