Top 10 works that will remain forever unfinished

How are my little spoonfuls of honey? Well today we’re going to talk about something that’s not necessarily super cool since it’s about cult works of which we’ll never know the end. Usually it happens when a writer or an artist dies who hasn’t had time to finish his work, and it’s sad for him and for us. We invite you to dry our tears together by doing a little overview of works that will remain incomplete forever, at least in the version imagined by their author.

1. Berserk (Kentaro Miura)

Fans of the Berserk manga mourn the legendary author Kentaro Miura known for his immense saga published since 1989. The man had already expressed fear of not being able to finish his work before his death and this was finally sadly the case. We salute the great gentleman for what he offered us, and for Guts who is one of the cartoon characters who really have a shitty life.

Top 10 works that will remain forever unfinished

2. The Castle (Franz Kafka)

Considered one of the major novels of the 20th century, Kafka did not finish writing it, even abandoning it in the middle of a sentence. The writer had wanted it to be burned when he died like many of his other works, but his friend Max Brod had this one published anyway. It’s not very respectful for his friend, but hey, it gave us the opportunity to read it anyway, although it puts Kafka on the list of writers who don’t like their works.

3. Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony

In the realm of classical music, Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony serves as a dispute. Basically the work that can be heard is an assembly of several compositions made after the death of the latter. The problem is to know which should and should not be in this famous new symphony. A mystery that will remain intact forever, like the identity of who opens the door to the restaurant in The Sopranos.

4. The Sagrada Familia (Antoni Gaudi)

The very symbol of the city of Barcelona undertaken by the famous architect Gaudi is still unfinished since the latter died before he could supervise the end of the construction after being knocked down by a tram. An extraordinary building which we can consider that it will never really be finished (in any case by its master builder). Sad, but beautiful, like bumping your knees in front of a sunset.

5. The Adoration of the Magi (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Perhaps if Da Vinci hadn’t spent his nights dissecting corpses he would have finished this unfinished painting forever. Well, in fact it was not Da Vinci’s death that caused the work to stop, but simply his departure for Milan in 1482, when he stopped painting the picture. Since he died in 1519 he clearly would have had time to finish this slacker, but no, he was too busy hiding stuff in his paintings.

6. The OA (Brit Marling)

The Netflix series whose termination was not really accepted by fans left viewers on such an excruciating cliffhanger that one of my colleagues said he saw his coffee fall on his beautiful linen pants. People locked in a cellar, strange dances and a cryptic scenario, full of reasons to subdue The OA whose answers to the many questions raised by the series will probably never reach us. I’m not talking about the “My Name is Earl” and “Firefly” series…

7. The Silmarillion (JRR Tolkien)

Many of Tolkien’s works are considered unfinished since several manuscripts and drafts of Tolkien were found after his death. The case of the Silmarillion is more complex because it has been corrected over and over again during its lifetime, the author obviously not finding a version that satisfied him. So we can’t really consider that the work we can read is finished, and it’s frankly sad, like doing tandem alone (believe me).

8. The Unfinished Portrait of Franklin Roosevelt (Elizabeth Shoumatoff)

Here the painting serves as an exception, since if it had been completed, it would probably not have had the same dimension and the same success. It was the painter Shoumatoff who had begun the portrait on April 12, 1945 around noon until Roosevelt complained of a pain in the skull before fainting and falling to the ground. A few hours later, Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage and the painting thus became extremely famous.

9. Smile, the most famous music album ever released (Beach Boys)

After the album “Pet Sounds” which surprises its public, the group of Beach Boys is taken (by force) in an ambitious vision by the singer Brian Wilson. His next project, entitled “Smile” must then correspond to his disproportionate expectation by becoming the most complex album of the group. But strained relations between the members, the impatient studio, and drugs shattered the Beach Boys and the album. Several years later, Wilson will record a solo album “Smile” which, inevitably, is not the one that the public was supposed to have. The only real vestige of the ambition of the album, the song “Heroes and Villains” with its ambitious and astonishing harmonies leaves an idea of ​​what we could have listened to.

10. Millennium (Stieg Larsson)

Larsson had written the first three books of the famous saga before dying of a heart attack, even without the first being published. The success of the saga is well established since there are tens of millions of copies sold as well as several adaptations in comics, films, audio books… The problem is that the trilogy suggested that a sequel was always possible and it is David Lagercrantz who will take over the writing for three other volumes which are therefore not by the original author and therefore different from the work imagined on the basis. But the true end, we will never have it.

11. Bonus: This top (Timbo)

You will never believe what you are about to read, but

There you go, I’m quite proud to add this top to the list, even if frankly it’s not worth it compared to the other works that appear there.

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