Top 10 words to stop translating into French, it’s ugly

The French language evolves over time, it’s normal, the words change, the expressions too and sometimes we create new words. Some English words come naturally into our everyday language and the General Delegation for the French language and the languages ​​of France is still trying to invent French equivalents to protect the heritage of our beautiful country, but we have to stop. It doesn’t work, it scares everyone and generally nobody uses these new words.

1. Streamer: Live Player

No. No one is going to say “I love this player live, I follow all his games live”. Normal people will keep saying “I love this streamer I follow all his lives” and that’s normal, otherwise they open a door to hell and get a six-month asshole.

2. Spoiler: spoiler

Have you really ever heard someone say “don’t leak this episode to me, I haven’t finished the season of games of thrones »? No, you have never heard it and yet this word exists.

Top 10 words to stop translating into French its ugly

3. Bashing: Exhausting

The next time you talk about a celebrity who’s screwed up you’ll have the opportunity to say “he’s been doing shit, he’s getting fucked up on social media” and you’ll automatically vomit pieces of glass so c is not natural.

4. Streaming: Streaming

“Hey Thierry I watched this new series on my streaming platform, it’s really great”. No. Say that even once and your future children will look like two drops of water to Jean-Michel Blanquer from birth.

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5. Podcast: Podcast / Walkman Broadcast

We only count once in the history of France where the phrase “I listened to a podcast” was used. It was during the meeting to find a French term to replace “podcast” and everyone present would have turned against the author of this vile phrase, arming themselves with pitchforks and torches. The poor man died within a minute.

6. Email: Email

They did try to fit it into the French language but it never really took off, except for a few fifty-year-olds who work in dark, damp offices where only tears and sobs resonate. Don’t become like them, use “mail” and “email” like everyone else.

1654355290 895 Top 10 words to stop translating into French its ugly

7. Buzz: Word of mouth

In the idea we see why we could replace this word by this quite usable expression, it’s just that ultimately no, it doesn’t come so naturally. It’s not the worst, I grant you.

8. Kit: Ready-to-assemble

“This ready-to-assemble piece of furniture is very beautiful, I will take great pleasure in assembling it”. Already heard at Ikea in Rennes Pacé in 2018. No news from the person since. Don’t do bullshit.

1654355291 877 Top 10 words to stop translating into French its ugly

9. Brainstorming: Brainstorming

Here it’s an exception since the expression “brainstorming” already existed, but it’s just that it sucks, but really all rotten, when we say that a panda dies somewhere in the world so much it is exasperated.

10. Misunderstanding the word “denim”

When we use the word “denim” we are talking about the material in which jeans are made. It’s an English word that we use in France, whereas basically it’s a French word transformed into English that we kept anyway. It comes from “de Nîmes”, the city of France where the famous textile was made, if you knew it, you are really very strong or you yourself are jeans.

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