Top 10 words in the French language that don’t mean anything, but that we all use

We use shitty expressions every day that in addition to being unpleasant to the ear, don’t make any fucking sense. If you use words that “mean everything and nothing”, know that they just mean NOTHING and it’s super annoying.

1. A bitonial

Approximate definition: A small object whose name no one remembers and which, very often, has no use. It is often used to designate the pieces that remain at the end when you have finished assembling your Ikea furniture.

Example of use : “Can you pass me the little bitoniau? You know, the one used to wedge the door there. »

2. Gizmo

Approximate definition: Used to talk about an object whose name you have forgotten, but also to make fun of an object and its owner (it’s often an old joke).

Example of use : “Good, drop your electronic thingy for five minutes, we’re watching Drucker!” »

3. Zigouigoui

Approximate definition: A term sometimes used to refer to small useless objects but much more often used to refer to human penises.

Example of use : “David, if you could avoid throwing drops of piss with your zigouigoui on the glasses of the toilet, that would suit everyone. »

4. Owl Thing

Approximate definition: Expression of old people to talk about someone or something they don’t know. Very often, there is nothing to answer to a sentence containing the expression thingy-owl.

Example of use : “It’s another trick of Macrotte what-a-nice thing, we won’t be taken away from our rights!” »

5. The Case

Approximate definition: When we talk about the case, it means that something happened. That’s all. It can be an unpleasant, shocking or gossip-catching “affair” you picked up.

Example of use : “Ah yeah but you weren’t there when Manu freaked out last week, that’s the deal…”

6. Tip

Approximate definition: Word used to designate everything and anything but especially very practical when you forget someone’s first name.

Example of use : “I was with Clément the other day and he was telling me that Trucmuche had a kid. »

7. Leases

Approximate definition: We talk about leases to say “stories” or “things that are said”, it changes to have a new word that means nothing.

Example of use : “Nah, but you really have to stop talking about the cigarette that gives cancer, everyone knows it’s false in fact. »

8. The Bazaar / The Brothel

Approximate definition: In this case, we talk about the bazaar or the brothel to designate something that hangs around not far from you.

Example of use : “Can you pass me the mess steuplait?” He’s right next to you. »

9. The back

Approximate definition: Diminutive of “the file”, we use “the back” to talk about a story that is a bit crisp or scandalous.

Example of use : “Didn’t you hear the backs on Facebook? Askip it will become paying. »

10. The schmilblick

Approximate definition: The schmilblick is not something tangible, it’s a term to talk about a current project or the passage of time.

Example of use : There is only one expression where the use of this word is authorized: “to advance the schmilblick”.