Top 10 weirdest national anthems, the oddity for the nation

A national anthem must announce the color. It’s a bit like a country’s musical identity card. A tune that represents the values ​​of the nation. Hymns that are sometimes a little weird or in any case that manage to stand out. Sometimes they stand out when they suck (here we list the worst national anthems around the world). Sometimes hymns would benefit from being known. And sometimes, and bah they fuck uncomfortable.

1. The longest: the Uruguayan anthem

The complete version of this hymn composed in 1833 lasts almost 6 minutes. Entitled Orientales, la Patria o la tumba, this hymn became the longest when the Greeks finally decided to shorten theirs, which originally had the most words.

2. The shortest: the Japanese anthem

Entitled Kimi go yo, the Japanese anthem lasts only 45 seconds. 55 seconds if we drag. It only has 18 words. If it was only adopted in 1999 by Japan, its text, a poem written for the emperor, dates from the 11th century. As for the music, it was composed in 1880. And if the original meaning of the verses of this hymn has gradually been modified, it is now akin to a kind of prayer for lasting peace and prosperity.

3. The oldest: the anthem of the United Kingdom and New Zealand

If the Japanese anthem has the oldest lyrics and Poland and Germany are among the first to have put forward an anthem (subsequently modified), the first to have officially proclaimed a song in as national anthem were the English, with God Save The Queen, in 1745. An anthem which was formerly that of a large part of the countries of the Commonwealth. The Sex Pistols later delivered their own version.

4. The most violent: the French anthem

A patriotic song written by Rouget de Lisle in 1792, the Marseillaise was adopted as the national anthem on February 14, 1879. Even if the Vichy regime temporarily replaced it with Maréchal nous voilà!, until the liberation. Fun fact: Valéry Giscard d’Estaing is responsible for the slowing down of his tempo, which, since the creation of the piece, had accelerated a little. La Marseillaise which therefore contains somewhat violent words: “To arms, citizens, form your battalions. Let’s walk, let’s walk! May impure blood water our furrows! (…) Everything is a soldier to fight you. If they fall, our young heroes. The earth produces new ones. Against you all ready to fight! “. Atmosphere…

5. Deadliest: The Vatican Anthem

The Vatican is thus the only country whose anthem is written in a dead language, namely Latin. It is called ‘Inno e Marcia Pontificale and was adopted in 1949 by Pope Pius XII.

6. The most polyglot: the South African anthem

Some hymns use several languages. The Canadian anthem, for example, is in both English and French. But no possible comparison with Nkosi Sikelel’iAfrika, the South African anthem, which includes 5 of the country’s 11 official languages, namely English, Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho and Afrikaans.

7. The most silent: the Spanish anthem

La Marcha Real is therefore 100% musical. We tried to stick lyrics to him in 2007 but those that were retained did not convince the masses. However, it is not the only anthem without words.

8. The most warlike: the Vietnamese anthem

Adopted in 1946, Tiê’n Quân Ca serves as a warning to those who would try to mess with the Vietnamese. Small excerpt: “Our flag, which is dyed with the blood of victory, carries the soul of the nation (…). The path to glory is paved with enemy corpses. (…) For so long, we have contained our hatred! Let us be ready for all the sacrifices so that our life is radiant. Which didn’t stop the French and Americans from venturing there…

9. The most galvanizing: the Russian anthem

It was in 2000 that Vladimir Putin decided that the Russian Federation adopt the old anthem of the USSR. And if the air, well known, therefore remained the same, the words, they were changed. Hear the Russian national anthem evoking the arrival of Ivan Drago in the ring in Rocky IV. Made in Groland also uses it in its credits.

10. The most rock: the American anthem

We are cheating a bit because we are of course referring here to the fabulous Star-Spangled Banner played by Jimi Hendrix in Woodstock. Having said that, the fact that the anthem of the United States is played at the beginning of a whole bunch of stuff, has given rise to very different interpretations, sometimes at the pick-me-up. A bit like when Fergie delivered a very personal performance of the song before an NBA game, which did not fail to ruin the solemn aspect of the thing.

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