Top 10 Weirdest McDonald’s Customer Orders

Personally I don’t eat cheese, so at McDonald’s I order a McChicken because it’s the only sandwich I can eat without specifying “without cheese”, since this precision is simply never taken into account by the kitchen. But there are other people who ask less questions about the feasibility of their little whims.

1. French fries cut in half

A former McDo employee tells on Reddit that a woman once asked for a Mc Chicken with the chicken on the outside of the bun, in addition to a small portion of halved fries. The employee had no choice but to take out a knife and cut the fries one by one in half to satisfy the customer. No doubt it makes you less fat.

2. 200 nuggets

Another Reddit user explains that he once accompanied a friend of his who asked for 200 nuggets at once. And it wasn’t especially for a party, huh: he insisted on getting all the nuggets right away and ate them all, one by one, without sharing with anyone.

3. Weird mixtures

On Quora, an employee of a McDonald’s in Pennsylvania assures that a 15-year-old kid once asked him for a McFlurry Oreo and 4 chicken mcNuggets. So far, nothing weird, except that the teenager then asked him if it was possible to put the nuggets in the McFlurry. Tastes and colors, huh…

4. Poached eggs

A former McDo employee explains on Quora that she had to deal with a customer who asked her for poached eggs in her burger. After replying that she couldn’t do that, she ended up calling her manager who explained to the client that it really was absolutely impossible. McDonalds 3 stars.

5. A Whopper

Another waitress at McDo tells the following story: a customer arrives with his wife early in the morning, obviously back from a crazy party. His wife orders something normal, and wants him a Whopper and a Pepsi. When the employee replies that it’s the typical Burger King menu and not McDonald’s, the guy replies that he knows it very well but that he wants a Whopper, before pulling out a 50 dollar bill. The waitress didn’t hesitate for long: she took the ticket and her break before running to the nearest Burger King to order a Whopper and a Pepsi which she discreetly brought back to her client right when his wife’s order was about to be delivered. Or how to make 50 dollars easily.

6. A whole potato

An employee of a Drive McDo explains having received a visit from a client who wanted a whole potato. Courteously, the employee replied that she had no potatoes but that it was possible for her to serve a portion of fries. The customer then went crazy, like: “How can you make fries if you don’t have potatoes? “Frozen, this fantastic technology.

7. An empty box

One day, a kitchen clerk at McDo sees the following order appear: a triple cheese without cheese, without bread, without onions, without ketchup, without meat, without salad and without mustard. In reality, nothing: an empty triple cheeseburger box. Apparently the guy was happy.

8. The heart-shaped burger

One Valentine’s Day, an American McDonald’s employee received an order for a simple burger carved into the shape of a heart. He explained with all the patience in the world that it was not possible, but the guy didn’t want to hear anything on the phone. Somewhere on earth, a lucky woman received the most beautiful proof of love ever created.

9. A box of 6 with only 4 nuggets

This same employee also received an order for a box of 6 nuggets containing only 4 because the customer wanted to start a diet. Something to be taken aback, but after all why not: the employee complied.

10. Burnt bread

Another Quora user says that a customer once asked him to toss his burger bun 7 times through the toaster. The bread was completely charred, absolutely black and disgusting and made a carcinogenic little cronch but the clerk was thrilled.