Top 10 Weirdest Coming of Age Rituals, Happy 13!

Do you remember when you first voted and thought “oh cool! I’m an adult! Well that’s cool for you, but otherwise in other places, it’s after having taken 200 lashes and having taken stupid drugs that we say to ourselves “oh cool! I am alive ! Ah and adult too. »

1. The bullet ants of the Satéré-Mawé

These people of the Brazilian Amazon forest force the young boys who will become men to put their hand in a glove filled with bullet ants. The bullet ant, as its name suggests, is a real little whore: its sting hurts as much as getting shot. The boys must remain calm (and their hand in the glove) for about ten minutes, even if it means ending up with their hand paralyzed. And the worst thing is that we repeat the test to be sure that you are indeed a guy.

2. The Hamer and the Ukuli ceremony

In the Omo Valley, in Ethiopia, the passage from the age of a little boy to that of an adult able to marry is a ceremony in its own right with all that is bizarre, sometimes ridiculous and sometimes violent. . In front of a noisy and very agitated public, the contenders for the title of adult adorn themselves with feathers and must flog women. Then they take off their clothes and, completely naked, jump over an ox waved four times. Afterwards, you have the right to get married if you’re not dead.

3. In Vanuatu, the Gol jump

Rite of passage to adulthood and obligatory passage for men who want to increase their social rank, the Gol jump consists, for the local populations, in building a wooden tower of about thirty meters at several ever higher levels. from which men must throw themselves, a simple string attached to the feet. They must themselves select their vine and have no interest in crashing, because we are not talking about bungee jumping here: there is no damping.

4. Bali metatah

This is a typical Balinese teeth filing ceremony. This obligatory passage must take place before the marriage of the boys as well as the girls (that is to say between 6 and 18 years old, because one can marry early, in Bali). The pointed canines symbolize the evil specific to each individual that should be filed. No anesthesia, a lot of pain, but above all a whole decorum for the ceremony.

5. Scarification of the Kaningara

In New Guinea, the Kaningara don’t pretend to pretend when it comes to proving that a little boy has grown into an adult. In reality, in the eyes of the Geneva Convention, we could quite simply speak of torture. For several weeks, they will undergo numerous and very painful mutilations: huge incisions are made in their backs so that the scars give them the appearance of crocodile skin; while waiting for it to heal, we humiliate them daily to remind them who is dominating. You surprise me that there are teenagers after that.

6. Whip or tattoo? It’s up to the Fulani

In Benin and Niger, among the Fulani, the rite of passage is not the same depending on whether you have a zizi or a pussy. The boys must indeed fight with a whip against representatives of the same age from neighboring villages: the one who hits the hardest and has the least pain becomes a guy in the eyes of his tribe, the other goes home crying. For the girls, it’s different: we tattoo them for several hours on their face with a needle. And if she cries, we stop, because she’s not ready to become a woman.

7. One two three horror among the Matausa

If you are a Matausa from Papua New Guinea and you hope one day to be able to fuck, you have to go through this, otherwise all the girls will look at you with disdain: first stick a huge stick in your glottis to vomit as much as possible. Then, insert conical leaves as far as possible in the nose to piss blood and snot. Finally, you are shot with arrows on the tongue several times. Aye, you are a man my son.

8. The Algonquin Wysoccan

These people from Canada believe that the condition sine qua non to become a man is to put aside your childhood. So we take the kid, we take him away from everyone and his family and we make him take wysoccan, a hallucinogenic mixture that will knock your face out. Visions of all kinds and forget who you are. If you survive (and haven’t gone mad), you’re a man.

9. The Matis of Brazil, hunting and vision

If you want to become a guy with the Matis, you have to know how to hunt. And to know how to hunt, you have to see well: so we inject plant juice into your eyes. And then you have to be tough: so they whip you for hours. At the end, you are injected with a frog poison in the blood and you are confronted with lots of stinging plants. Aye you can go hunting.

10. Among the Maasai, they leave you all alone one night in the bush

And if you survive, fine, you’re a guy. Remember that in the bush there are lions, elephants, wild animals and everything. And that you’re about 11 or 12 when it happens. When I think my mother wouldn’t let me go to the bakery alone back then, huh. Other places other customs.

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