Top 10 weirdest artistic performances

As André Malraux said “Art is the shortest way from man to man”.

As Eugene Ionesco said “The work of art is not the reflection, the image of the world; but it is in the image of the world”.

As my plumber used to say “You have to redo the seals in your bathroom otherwise you will not be covered by insurance for water damage. »

In short, art is not always easy to understand and in the jungle of artistic performances crossed over hill and dale in recent decades, there are sometimes extremely strange things that plunge us into a disturbing uneasiness coupled with disgust. intense.

1. The most cannibalistic: the guy who made pudding with his blood

It was in 69. Michel Journiac who likes to do funny things created the performance “Messe pour un corps”. The concept is simple. He prepares blood sausage and offers it to visitors to replace the host. Ah yes, I specify that the pudding was made from his own blood. YUMMYYYY.

2. The most painful: Chris Burden or the guy who wanted to die

Difficult to retain only one of his performances since they are all completely exploded. In ’71, he asked a friend to shoot him with a gun. Finally in the arm what. He took a beautiful shot in which he seems to be in a little pain.

He also locked himself in a locker for five days with just fleet before pushing the plug a little further by lying motionless in a museum for 22 days (the performance ended when a visitor came to ask him if he was fine).

I continue ? In 74, he crucified himself on the bonnet of a car and rolled the vehicle for a few minutes to expose his body…

But all that is not much compared to his performance called “TV Commercials” in 73: broadcast in advertising spaces 4 videos of him during which he crawls on crushed glass. We can say that Chris Burden is an extreme person.

3. The most galinaceous: the girl who laid paint

Milo Moiré is an atypical painter. In 2014, through her performance PlopEgg #1 – A Birth of a Picture, she was literally laying (like from her vagina, I don’t see how I can be any clearer) eggs filled with paint. This practice results in a very tasteful abstract painting. A teuch painting, in short.

4. The most stupid: the guy who locks himself in a rock for a week

Abraham Poincheval went into a delirium of pure madness by going to lock himself up for 7 days in a rock itself located within the Palais de Tokyo. I assure you in the rock there is enough to feed and hydrate and also to relieve oneself. Basically, visitors could walk by this rock knowing that a guy was chilling inside. I ask you to explain to me the interest.

Abraham Poincheval lifts us up. The Palais de Tokyo lifts us up.

5. The most generous: giving your body

Marina Abramovic often presents herself as the “grandmother of performance art” and for good reason. In 1974, she created a rather risky performance called “Rhythm 0” in which she gave visitors all the rights to her body for 6 hours. Several objects are available to them, ranging from pleasure to pain, and everyone can have a great time without the artist blinking an eye. The finding? The more the hours pass, the more the visitors become aggressive and violent with her. It’s very reassuring.

6. The most gerboss: from paint to vomit

In real life you probably know the actress Millie Bobby Brown, but you probably know less about Millie Brown, who is also called “the vomit artist”. This beautiful person swallows colored soymilk and properly squirts it onto the canvas. It even seems that Lady Gaga would have offered to puke on him during one of her concerts. Simply cabbage.

7. The saddest: the guy who paints with his tears

At this stage of the top, you understand that a lot of artists like to project stuff with their fluids. So why not tears? This Argentinian artist gave us a very tearful performance, of which I recommend the video below. Watch out, not for the faint-hearted.

8. Bloodiest: The Fashion Show From Hell

Strolling on a naked catwalk covered in white paint, why not? This is what the artist Franko B offers in his performance “I miss you”… It doesn’t take long before you discover the little extra touch: the artist’s veins are open and a trickle of blood punctuates his journey. OKAYYYYYYYYYYY. Apparently it is to denounce the mummification of household objects.

Well otherwise he could just denounce like that by saying what. No need to put yourself in such states.

9. The most infuriating: keeping a couple’s secrets

Sophie Calle has worked a lot on the secret. During her many performances, she offered couples to hear for each of them the biggest secret ever hidden from their partner. She then wrote down these two secrets and locked them in two respective safes of which she alone had the combination. The couples then kept the safes at home without ever being able to access them. Can you imagine a more infuriating performance?

10. The most slippery: a girl dancing on butter

This video is one of the weirdest performances found on Youtube and we can’t finish this top without plunging ourselves back into this semi-salted butter dance that leaves us margarised to the bottom of our briefs.

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