Top 10 Weird Things Science Can’t Explain Mystery Mystery

Science does not explain everything. Mysteries persist. The questions keep coming. And the world around us always has the shape of a question mark.

1. We still don’t know how a fetus’ heart starts beating

mystery of humanity. We fuck, the gentleman’s sperm fertilize the lady’s eggs and nine months later there is something disgusting coming out of the vagina and years of trouble in perspective. Ok so far so good. But the fetus which grows slowly gently, impossible to know by which magic impulse the beats of its heart start.

2. We don’t really understand how or why we manage to have “phantom” pregnancies

If the phenomenon is quite rare, however, it does happen that some women have nervous pregnancies (also called pseudocyesis). They then feel all the symptoms of a normal pregnancy: no more periods, a swollen belly, morning sickness, weight gain. Except that in fact there is no fetus in the canister.

Top 10 weird things science can't explain mystery mystery

3. We don’t really know where consciousness is.

Not only do scientists not know how or why it exists, but they are also unable to locate in the brain what would correspond to a form of consciousness. We are therefore at the height of the paradox because we are conscious of having a consciousness of which we do not know where it is.

4. We don’t really know why we’re so big on music

Evolutionary specialists still fail to grasp the how, why and because. What’s our trip with music? Why do we put so much energy into it when it doesn’t even feed our stomachs? Still, music still seems to this day one of the gifts that only humanity possesses without anyone knowing why.

5. We understand that shit on intuition

What is called the sixth sense (and no I’m not referring to the movie where Bruce Willis he fucks ghosts or chaiplutrokoi there) has no form of scientific explanation. Perhaps it is only the result of pure chance which would coordinate an act and a consequence… Or not.

6. Scientist Syndrome is not yet clear or well understood by scientists.

Besides, the concept is not even medically recognized. However, it is assumed that it is a syndrome that would affect some people with developmental disorders (such as autism) and who would develop particularly astonishing capacities for excellence compared to the rest of humanity, such as hypermnesia which fascinates and which can arouse a lot of fantasies. It is not yet clear whether this syndrome is genetic or acquired. A scientist with the syndrome of the scientist should look into the question, it would surely help a little.

7. Why do we close our eyes when we roll a good big clog?

If you’ve ever kissed someone on the mouth with your tongue (and between us, we wish you that, even with an animal we validate) you will have noticed that naturally we tend to close our eyes. You might think it’s out of a desire for romance or simply because the person you’re kissing looks like Robert Charlebois, but in fact it’s mostly about something weirder that isn’t really explained by science. Basically we felt that we were just beings a little limited and that we cannot do two things at the same time, namely: to concentrate on the exchange of drool, and to contemplate our partner from the bottom of the pupil linguistic.

Top 10 weird things science can't explain mystery mystery

8. We don’t really know why the sound of bones cracking is so huge

As much as we know that the cracking of the bones is due to a mini explosion of gas bubbles, we can’t really understand why the sound is so high when the quantity of gas is so small. In short, another story of the sound of gas that plunges humanity into confusion and disarray.

9. There’s a weird sound that we haven’t found the meaning of yet.

Basically it sounds like a fire alarm except it’s been coming from deep in the ocean since 1991 and you can hear it all over the Pacific and it can’t be a whale song. Certainly to date there are several scientific hypotheses, the most plausible of which is that it is the result of an encounter between water and molten lava, but the mystery persists. That said, in the ray of weird sounds for which we haven’t yet found a scientific explanation, we already have a bunch of them and it’s super scary.

10. Finally, why are we here?

I mean how is it that somewhere I am where I am when I write this top and you are where you are when you read this top? Who are we ? Where are we going ? When will we be? And especially at what fucking time do we eat?

After all, life is full of mysteries. But above all full of people who are hypocrites and dishonest (and sometimes it feels bi1 2 to say it).

Source: Cracked, Slate, France evening

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