Top 10 weird things found in ice

Lately, the ice has had an unfortunate tendency to melt all over the world, causing an increase in the level of the oceans but not only. No, because the melting ice also keeps revealing very bizarre and often frightening things… The kind of things that should have remained in the freezer for millions of years.

1. A body affected by smallpox (Siberia, Russia)

Fortunately, the scientists in charge of appraising the remains took maximum precautions. Something to remember that the ice also contains deadly viruses and that if it melts, these viruses may also be released. But hey, don’t worry, it’s not likely to happen, eh?

2. Millions of grasshoppers (Montana, USA)

This Montana glacier is also called the Grasshopper Glacier. Grasshoppers of a species that had been extinct for more than 200 years, swarming above the mountains when a snowstorm completely froze them in place.

3. One fish eating another (Indiana, USA)

Two brothers made this strange discovery: a pike eating a bass. Both are as frozen as a Captain Igloo stick, minus the breadcrumbs.

4. 280 million year old trees (Antarctica)

Before, in Antarctica, there were trees and it was therefore much less cold than today. We also found fossils of ferns, which at the time, must have reached 40 meters in height.

5. Islands (Russia)

Another consequence of global warming. Here, the new islands appeared when the ice melted, near Northbrook Island, to which they were otherwise attached.

6. Mountains (Antarctica)

We are talking here about the Gamburtsev Range, which was discovered during the austral summer of 1957-1958. Mountains that can reach 3500 meters in height. A chain also including lakes of unfrozen water. The kind of thing to make Lovecraft fans fantasize a lot.

7. Seeds (Kolyma, Russian)

Scientists have found several seeds trapped in the ice. Seeds that they then planted to witness the birth of a plant. Specialists having advanced the hypothesis that it was the reserves of a squirrel. One of the Ice Age type probably.

8. A reindeer infected with anthrax (Siberia, Russia)

This reindeer was discovered in 2016, after a most worrying heat wave in the region. The animal having, according to experts, infected at the time 1,200 other representatives of its species but also 15,000 people living nearby. Scary…

9. A First World War battlefield (Peio, Italy)

Global warming has exposed several bodies of soldiers in the mountains, as well as many weapons and other accessories. Including letters and diaries. It is estimated that at the time, when this region was much colder than today, the avalanches and extreme temperatures caused many more victims among the soldiers than the fighting itself.

10. A lake full of creepy bacteria (Antarctica)

In 1989, Soviet scientists set out to drill into the ice. As they sought to analyze the trapped air, they discovered a lake. A lake in the form of an independent ecosystem containing bacteria never before observed on the surface of the globe. It was estimated that the depth of what was called Lake Vostok, the largest subglacial lake in Antarctica, was 600 to 700 meters. In 2015, a new drilling revealed a new bacterium, also completely unknown to the battalion. In 2016, another lake was discovered. It too can contain some very shady stuff. The most reassuring thing is that scientists do not rule out that these new forms of life could eventually be the source of global contamination.

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