Top 10 Weird Obsessions All Kids Have At One Time Or Another

You’ll notice it pretty quickly, the older your kid gets, the more weird obsessions he develops. So usually it’s just phases, it goes as it came, but it can be particularly heavy having to stop at every street corner because there’s a puddle to jump into. As long as it doesn’t turn into a fake, we let it happen (in any case, no matter how hard you try to get him to move on, it doesn’t work).

1. Garbage trucks

It seems that garbage trucks are the most common obsession of all children. Why are they so fascinated when they see one? Is it the noise? The smells ? The regularity of passages? Or just because the kids are weird? I vote for the last option.

2. Flashing garage exit lights

Do you also have to wait at least 5 minutes once a car has left a public or private parking lot to see the little light stop flashing? How many minutes, hours was wasted waiting for that fucking light to go out is a mystery.

3. Toys lined up

It is believed that children are messy and that they never tidy up anything. It’s true, but not only. Because some of them also have a weird obsession with lining up all their possessions in a straight line against the wall as if the toys were going to be shot by the Gestapo.

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4. Jump in ALL puddles

Even when it’s not puddles, but a good big puddle of dog pee (or human, life is fabulous sometimes). All kids have this obsession, preferably when they’re not wearing their boots, otherwise it’s not funny.

5. Formally hating a food for ages, then only wanting to eat it afterwards

Your kid screamed at the sight of a piece of carrot, preferring to roll on the ground rather than swallow a single piece, and this for months and months. Then one day, the revelation: he does not want to eat more than that, in all its forms. Don’t ask yourself why, it will give you a headache trying to figure it out.

Top 10 Weird Obsessions All Kids Have At One Time

6. Refusing to wash your hair

Even with shampoo that doesn’t sting, even with a glove over your eyes so that water doesn’t run out, even with a collar around your head to be sure your face isn’t wet, there’s nothing to to do is a test for him and for you, who must endure the torture of cleaning his clothes.

7. Watch the carousel spin

Without necessarily wanting to get on it, it’s pretty crazy. No no, he can spend long, very long minutes, watching the merry-go-round turn again and again, fascinated by what he sees, without wanting to climb on it. Good, it will save you money.

8. Backhoe loaders

Somewhat in the same vein as garbage trucks, backhoe loaders and anything else related to work fascinate kids, without anyone really knowing why.

9. Only want to eat from one very specific plate

The one where there is a pattern he likes at the bottom, with a color he likes, all matched to the cup of the same color, not this one, the other, and blah-blah-blah. You will also notice that he has HIS favorite spoon, HIS fork, and that if all the planets are not aligned, you can scratch yourself so that he swallows anything.

10. ONLY walk on the white stripes of the pedestrian crossing

Except that he has small legs, compared to the fact that he is a child, and that walking only on the white stripes can be very complicated, especially for you and your back pain, since you are obliged to ) to make him jump while holding his hands, all while being quick so that the green guy doesn’t turn red and you two die there, all because of some fucking fad.

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