Top 10 ways to decide in case of a tie (it’s the law)

Hello legislativo voters! Good… Yes… It’s not for now, but it’s SUPER important. So important that it is in the mouth of all politicians, at the heart of all discussions and that the left, this thing more difficult to gather than department magnets on a fridge, FINALLY manages to make agreements. So, we talk about it, we talk about it, and we ask ourselves existential questions: WHAT HAPPENS IN CASE OF PERFECT EQUALITY IN THE LEGISLATIVE ? And even… In the presidential elections? Lotto ? In real life, what!

1. In the context of municipal, regional and legislative elections…

According to Article L288 of the Electoral Code, if, during local elections, two candidates come first with perfect equality, then “precedence belongs to the oldest”. Translate: the oldest wins. That’s what we call ” the bonus of age“.

2. … and within the framework of the presidential elections

And there… SURPRISE! There is no law evoking this possibility. So, yes, the chances are low (1 in 1 million according to some projections), but still, it’s not totally impossible. This legal void would then leave the choice to the Constitutional Council. According to Guy Carcassonne, a constitutionalist who asked himself the question twenty years ago, the outcome could be a return to the polls for voters.

If the candidates manage to collect the same number of votes, the Constitutional Council would then be responsible for deciding.

Posted by RTL on Saturday, April 23, 2022

3. …. and on the side of the American presidential elections?

Unlike the French legal void, the American constitution is very clear on the issue: in the event of a tie between two presidential candidates, then the vote goes to the House of Representatives. We talk about the “contingent election”. The 435 representatives of the 50 American states should thus designate one voter per state. These 50 elected would then vote for one of the two candidates. 50 being an even number, a new tie would not be impossible! In this case, the election must be repeated, until a majority appears. The country has already used this procedure three times, the last time in 1877.

4. If high school students arrive tied on Parcoursup

In 2017, it was the draw that was used by some universities to decide between the candidates who came to a tie. This method having been very controversial, it was not renewed by the next government. Although there is no single rule that governs the procedure to be adopted, the government in 2018 introduced a “decision support”. Among the tools offered: local algorithms that sort files. On the other hand, and to “protect the secrets of the deliberations”, the universities are not obliged to communicate the settings used locally to establish the final ranking. The tie-breaking techniques therefore remain specific to each establishment, and therefore… Quite vague.

5. The decision between inter-movements

But what is this thing?? The “inter movements” correspond to the transfer of teachers to the various French academies. Basically, the fact of obtaining his competition in Toulouse, the most beautiful city in France, and finding himself transferred to Créteil. The seum. The allocation of positions according to the wishes expressed depends, first of all, on criteria such as the level and seniority of the position, the family or civil situation, the administrative situation and the personal situation. Once these points have been awarded, it happens that candidates arrive at equal points for one and the same position. In this case, and as mentioned for the local elections, it is the primacy of age that prevails!


6. In league 1

Ok, on the side of Ligue 1 Uber Eats, nothing is left to chance! The guys are really prepared for ANY eventuality. In the event of a tie in the standings, the overall goal difference is considered first. If it does not allow the tie, the advantage is given to the club which has scored the most points in direct confrontations. Still no tiebreaker? We go to goal difference during their meetings, then to this difference in direct confrontation. In fifth position: the greatest number of away goals in direct opposition. We then consider the best general attack (that is, the greatest number of goals over the entire period of the championship). STILL A TIE? No problem, we consider the best attack outside, on the whole of Ligue 1. As a last resort, we go to the disciplinary tie: the warnings are then worth 1 point and the reds 3 points (negatives, of course).

7. On the occasion of the Miss France contest

To elect Miss France, the votes of the jury count for 50%, the other half is attributed to the public. In the event of a tie, the rules stipulate that the miss who arrives first in the public vote wins! This is what happened during the 2021 election! Amandine Petit (Miss Normandy) and April Benayoum (Miss Provence) had both obtained a total of 7 points. Amandine having been ranked first by the public (against penultimate by the jury), it was she who was crowned beauty queen.

8. In poker

No, in poker, there are not only winners and losers! In case of perfect equality, that is to say, when the two opponents have exactly the same combination of cards in the winning hand, we speak of “split” or “sharing”. In this case (however quite rare), the pot is shared between the two players. (Source.) We regret to inform you that no reliable source addresses the case of strip poker. So the mystery remains.

9. Bingo

It all depends on which lotto we are talking about! If it is the traditional one, to which you accompany your grandma from time to time to try to win a Bayonne ham, the ties are decided by drawing lots. On the other hand, within the framework of the jackpot of the Française des Jeux, the loot is shared equitably between the winners. And to maximize your chances of finishing a millionaire, there are techniques to win the lottery! Present.

10. In Koh-lanta

Ouloulouuuu the advice of death! The adventurers can’t agree, and two people find themselves in danger, evenly matched against each other. In this case, the candidates go back to the ballot box, only being able to vote for one of the adventurers on the ballot. If the result is still the same, the choice is made haphazardly: they must draw a ball, blind. If it is white: it stays. If it is black: arrivederci! The only time in his adventure that Steph didn’t pick the black ball by the way mdrrrr… But hey, I’m not here to give you the recap of the show, huh! QuentinD takes care of it perfectly and believe me, he is not ready to pass the torch.

Good… For there to be equality in the next legislative elections, there must be votes! And to be able to vote, you have to be registered on the lists… If it’s not done yet, you have until May 4, 2022… WE MOVE THE BUTT AND WE TAKE ACTION RIGHT AWAY. NOW. IT TAKES TWO MINUTES. GO.

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