Top 10 Viking sites to visit around the world, with or without a helmet

The Vikings are popular. Especially in recent years thanks to the cardboard of the Viking series, on the History channel. The Vikings who have a history as fascinating as it is mysterious. History that the following sites, most of which are located in Denmark, tell with great fanfare of authentic objects and other sumptuous reconstructions.

Top 10 Viking sites to visit around the world, with or without a helmet

1. The Ring Fortress of Slagelse (Denmark)

There are 7 Viking fortresses in the world, even if it is not excluded that we will discover others in the years to come. That of Slagelse which can be visited, since it has been transformed into an archaeological museum. A trelleborg which once housed 1,300 soldiers.

2. Jelling (Denmark)

An invaluable archaeological site which notably contains the famous Jelling Stones. Two huge boulders erected by Gorm III and a blue-toothed Harald, who was none other than his son. Gorm who was king of Denmark between 936 and 958 and whose stone is covered with runes, as tradition wanted. His body was found on the spot, under the church of Jelling, where he still rests.

3. The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo (Norway)

A site also unmissable with several ships, including the famous Viking ship of Oseberg. Boats but not only because here, you can also admire sledges, carts, sculptures or even funerary furniture and a cart.

4. L’Anse aux Meadows (Canada)

Discovered in 1960, this Scandinavian village is one of the few remaining today. An invaluable testimony to the presence of the Vikings on the American continent, 500 years before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. This proves that the Vikings were not content to travel in Europe… The site is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Haithabu Viking Museum (Germany)

We land in Germany, in Busdorf more precisely, to immerse ourselves in the history of the Vikings, through a collection of objects brought to light during archaeological digs. On the site, the visitor can also enjoy a walk in a reconstructed village and swoon over the centerpiece of the museum, namely the remains of an authentic Viking ship.

6. Fyrkat (Denmark)

Return to Denmark, with the oldest circular Viking fortress. Located near Hobro, it is near a Viking center, where buildings have been reconstructed to immerse tourists in the atmosphere of Viking villages.

7. The Jorvik Viking Center (England)

It’s a bit like the Disneyland of the Vikings. A museum located in York, England, which features life scenes with mannequins and super cool sets as well as artifacts. Not mega authentic but very kid friendly and still less bloody than the TV series.

8. Ladby’s boat (Denmark)

It is to date the only boat grave found in Denmark. The excavations also brought to light many objects but also animal remains, the Vikings having the habit of sailing towards the afterlife in the company of dogs or horses. This boat dates from the beginning of the 10th century. It can be admired at the Ladby Viking Museum in Kerteminde.

9. Reykjavík 871±2 (Iceland)

Housed on the site of a Viking village dating back to 871, this exhibit features various artifacts relating to the presence of the Vikings in Iceland. You can also see there, among other things, the stone foundations of a real Viking house.

10. The Lindholm Høje Museum (Denmark)

This archaeological site is home to nothing less than the most spectacular Iron Age Viking cemetery. There are more than 700 graves of different shapes and sizes. And if the tombs are the number 1 argument of the museum, the latter contains many other treasures which it would be a shame to miss if you are passing through Denmark.