Top 10 video games where you embody something weird, hello I’m bread

Some video games allow you to escape into an imaginary world that changes your daily life by offering you a particularly weird or simply super original avatar. The kind of avatar you never thought you’d ever control, even in a good old game. We’ll talk about that weird stuff right now, like slices of bread.

1. Tofu – “Resident Evil 2”

Aaah resident Evil, the city of Racoon City, zombies, cult characters but also a block of tofu that you can control, armed with his knife and decked out in a nice military beret. Well, there’s not even valves, you can really embody this thing in a mode of the famous horror game and it plays down everything.

2. Bread – “I am bread”

Who has never dreamed of being reincarnated as a slice of bread? Few people, I grant you. But you can still try to control a slice of bread in this particularly original game that will make you question your diet, your lifestyle choices and your clothing.

3. Glover – “Glover”

“How about a glove?” could be the sentence that closed the brainstorming meeting around the game project Glover. You embody a white glove that looks like those of Mickey in a colorful and shimmering world, something that you will not have the opportunity to experience every day, unless you are yourself a white glove in a colorful and shimmering world. shimmering.

4. Jim – “Earthworth Jim”

What could be cooler as a character than a super muscular space worm armed with a gun and with a style of space ranger? Nothing, that’s the coolest thing. I could decide to talk about the verses of the awesome Armaggeddon Wormsbut Jim’s nostalgia won out.

5. A cat with a robot – “Stray”

Attention cuteness, the game stray finally lets you control a cat but with awesome animations and universe cyberpunk sorry very pleasant. It’s cute, it’s touching, it’s sometimes stressful and above all we finally understand the satisfaction caused by scratching a sofa. A must have.

6. Octopus – “Octodad”

If I suggest you play a game where you have to go shopping, go to the office, pick up your kids from school and take care of your house, wouldn’t you be too tempted? But if I tell you that in this game you play an octopus trying to pretend to be a human and that the other characters must not understand that you are not one, does that tempt you a little more? octodad that’s it, an octopus in costume trying to blend into the background.

7. The Wind (or a Petal) – “Flower”

It seems to me that we control the wind more than a petal in this very relaxing and contemplative game that takes you to bloom fields and arid areas by swirling flower petals in all directions. It’s cute, it’s well done, it’s poetic but here you are, you just control a draft in the end.

8. Meat Man – “Skate 3”

There like that, if I propose to you to invent a character that you would like to embody in a skate game, what would you answer me? If you just said “I don’t know, raw prime rib” then you should get skate 3 because you can absolutely ride the streets on your skateboard with a piece of meat in this game and the developers have thought of you.

9. A car – “Fighters Megamix”

Okay it often happens that you can steer a car in a racing game, but in a fighting game it’s rarer. Yet in Fighters Megamix you can piss off other characters by controlling a car that stands on its rear wheels and bumps with its front wheels. Completely cult.

10. A washing machine – Banjo and Kazooie

Some games know how to reward the most frequent players, and Banjo and Kazooie was one of those. By completing several optional challenges, the game basically gave you control of a washing machine and let you run it for as long as you wanted. Rather nice.

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