Top 10 very rich people who have disinherited their children, some of them must be degs

Sometimes in life, you’re not very lucky. For example, when you leave your house after doing your hair and makeup for hours, and the rain decides to fall on your face PILE at that moment. But that, I have to tell you, is nothing, because there are people in the world MUCH less fortunate than you. For example, the children of multi-billionaires who say to themselves “cool, I’m going to recover all the inheritance and have a little vacation in the Cayman Islands!!!!!!! » and who are stopped in their tracks by Dad/Mom who prefer to disinherit them and give the money to someone else, these rats.

1. The creator of Smartboxes

Pierre-Edouard Stérin, the creator, who fled France, when François Hollande came to power in 2012, to live in Belgium, chose to disinherit his five children to donate all of his fortune to associations. As a result, all of its 800 million euros will go to an endowment fund. He doesn’t want to spoil his children, even though he himself claims to have started with “only” €5,000 from his parents. If my parents pass by, if you could give me “only” 5000 balls too so that I too can create gift boxes that people give when they have 0 inspiration, that would be nice, thank you.

2. The creator of eBay

Pierre Omidyar, the creator of eBay, managed to raise $8.1 billion, which is respectable. According to the businessman, this is much more than his family needs and it is unacceptable to have money hidden under the mattress, and he wants his children to work and be for the benefit of society. to earn money. And this information makes this man even more sympathetic than he already seems.

3. Johnny Hallyday

Johnny’s little peculiarity is that his children do not appear on his will, but his wife does. Laura Smet and David Hallyday unfortunately did not have the chance to be included in it, in favor of Laetitia. The two eldest discovered very soon after their father’s death that they were not entitled to any material possessions, nor any sentimental memories. Since then, the children have been fighting with their stepmother to have the will invalidated and receive their share of the loot. Nice atmosphere at family meals.

4.Kirk Douglas

The actor, who died at the age of 103, decided to leave most of his fortune (that is to say, 61 million dollars, which is not bad) to charities. As a result, his son Michael will not receive a single penny. So, I see you, starting to worry about Michael and making money to send him tunes, so I assure you: he himself has earned 300 million dollars thanks to his own acting career. You see, he doesn’t have to eat pasta every lunch either. So, for the kitty, I want you to send it to me, because I personally did NOT win 300 million dollars thanks to my acting skills.

5. Alain Bashung

The day after Alain Bashung’s death in 2009, his son Arthur was surprised to discover that his father had bequeathed nothing to him. The singer has decided to bequeath to his wife (Chloé Mons) all his copyrights, property, furniture and personal effects. Arthur had asked to get back a very special guitar that his father had promised him, but in the end he didn’t get it, which can indeed be a bit hard to take. But hey, it’s beautiful love.

Photo credits (CC BY 3.0): BASHUNG_Alain-24×30-2007.jpg: Studio Harcourt

6. Tony Curtis

Actor Tony Curtis, who died in 2010 at the age of 85, also left nothing to his six children, but bequeathed his entire fortune estimated at 60 million to his sixth and last wife ( yes there is a man on earth who has had more divorces than Ross), Jill Vandenberg Curtis. Like what, if your husband has already had 5 wives before you, it’s not a bad sign: you can win the jackpot anyway.

7. The founder of the Hilton hotel chains

Barron Hilton, the wealthy founder of Hilton Hotels, has announced that he intends to bequeath 97% of his $2.3 billion to charities. It still greatly reduces the fortune of Paris Hilton, the designer’s jet-setter granddaughter whose escapades have greatly embarrassed Barron. Paris Hilton had indeed been made famous in 2003 by the dissemination of her sextape with her boyfriend at the time. And besides, it wasn’t even shot in Hilton hotels. Shame.

8. Bill Gates

So, no, Bill Gates is not dead. Yes, he has a bit of money aside (77 billion euros, which makes him the richest man in the world, to be exact). However, he decided to leave them in his will “only” 7 million each, which is not a lot when you’re Bill Gates’ son but not bad when you’re a normal human. The rest of his fortune will go to charity. For him, too much money is likely to be negative, because he does not want there to be too great an imbalance between the rich populations and the poor populations. Funny enough to say when you’re the richest man in the world, but it’s beautiful, so thank you Bill.

9. Elton John

When the singer wrote his will in 2016, he didn’t want to add his children to it. Zachary and Elijah will not receive any money when their father dies, even though his estate is over $280 million. He justified himself by saying:They need some semblance of normalcy, some respect for money, some respect for work. Of course, with my husband, we will provide our children with some financial support. But it’s terrible to give children a silver spoon, it ruins their lives“. After all, personally I don’t see where the drama is in giving ONE spoon, they could at least give the fork and the knife too, but no big deal, I’m not criticizing.

10. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

The fortune of the two actors is estimated at several tens of millions of dollars, and they have however chosen to disinherit their two children. Ashton reportedly said:My children have a very privileged life. They don’t know it, they will never know it because it is the only one they will know. So I prefer to give my money to charity“. Too bad for Wyatt Isabelle and Dimitri, who, in addition to having crappy names that will follow them all their lives, will not have much money when their parents die. And I don’t know which of the two points is sadder.

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