Top 10 very reluctant customers when you’re a cashier at the local supermarket, a job that…

Whether it’s your job, or just a little summer job, to pay for your studies, there you are: you’ve gone to the other side of the force, to the other side of the fund. In addition to discovering all kinds of fascinating things about supermarkets, how cash registers work, and elucidating a few mysteries along the way (like how does the conveyor belt move forward and stop on its own?) you also have the pleasure of discovering THE CLIENTS.

2. The one who complicates his life terribly, and yours at the same time

“Is it possible to pay ten euros by credit card and the rest in cash? After subtracting the eight euros from the restaurant ticket and my 5 euros 20 in reduction vouchers? Oops my card does not pass, can I write you a check? Oh I forgot to tell you, would it be possible to separate these two items from the rest and make me an invoice? Damn I think I forgot something I’ll be right back. You take the Lunch’r card”

3. The one who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown with her three kids

Already, dragging a shopping cart full to bursting, unpacking everything, putting it back in the bags, checking on the three-meter-long list that we haven’t forgotten anything, cursing ourselves because yes, we forgot to buy some oil, thinking to go back, give up when you meet the gaze of the exasperated customer behind you, and pay three hundred bucks, it’s not easy. Add to that three hyperactive kids who demand everything that comes in their field of vision, fight among themselves and ask aloud why he is fat, and we would almost feel sorry for her.

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4. The one who pulls out the Carrouf card while we’re at Inter, without blinking an eye

He doesn’t even know where he is, poor man. Besides, he doesn’t remember how he got here.

5. Whoever thinks the cashier is also Carrefour’s big boss

Even the world. He complains to her if the prices have gone up, if the shelves have changed configuration, if she does not accept her ten restaurant tickets, if the store opens after 9 a.m. and if her coupon is no longer valid . He tries at all costs to negotiate with her and doesn’t believe her for a second when she assures us that she can’t do anything for him.

6. The one who thinks the cashier is out to rob him

He meticulously checks the receipt point by point, casting suspicious glances at the cashier, and asks him questions as if he was going to write it down. ” And that what is it ? Wait, on the shelf it was not that price! And there, why are there two? And you counted the promo? He adds it all up again himself, makes a mistake, accuses the poor cashier of having made a mistake, and leaves displeased, convinced that he has nevertheless managed to fill his pockets without his knowledge. .

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7. The one for whom “a penny is a penny”

He only buys on sale, which gives us cool shopping carts based on twenty packs of Prince Choco (get ready kids, you’ll only eat this until you’re of age), kilos of surimi and liters dandruff shampoos. And who pays in coupons “The one for the milk, the one for the croquettes… Wait, I have the one for the rusks somewhere… Tell me, how many points does that give me on my card? »

8. The Overdoer

Maybe he works in cash too? Or it’s just out of courtesy that you have the right to “Hello ma’am.” Thank you Madam. Yes Madam. Okay madam. Thank you Madam. Bye Madam. But it is I who thank you very much Madam. And good luck, eh, Madam. Everyone likes polite people. No one likes overly polite people.

9. The one who drops a 50 euro note to buy a potato

Clearly he’s here to make some change from this little bastard. Well he will pay dearly for it. You’re going to give him his due in 5-centime pieces, he’ll have enough to see coming.

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10. The one who eats her bag of crisps while shopping to avoid paying for it at the checkout

And who doesn’t let go of even a small one, the crevar.

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