Top 10 very rare things that people think are very common, but not at all

Over a lifetime, it is much more common to eat an apple than to be run over by a helicopter, it just makes sense. Yet, despite this mind-boggling statement of truth, there are many things we think are common in life that are not. You will see it is incredible, amazing,… You will see what.

1. People who don’t have a musical ear

We often think that we are bad at singing and that we have no musical ear at all. In principle it’s true, you certainly have no talent at least to consider a musical career. But in fact, people absolutely devoid of musical ear (that is to say unable to recognize a known melody for example) are extremely rare, there are barely 4%. (Source)

Top 10 very rare things that people think are very common, but not at all

2. Green eyes

If we have every reason to venerate people with green eyes, it’s also because it’s a very rare color. In fact, 10% of human-type people have blue eyes, 5% have hazel eyes (a very nice word for brown poop) and only 2% have emerald-colored eyes.

3. People who are HPI

But yeaaaaaaaaah of course we know that your child is gifted. Yes, but actually no, not at all. Besides, it has really become unbearable for parents who think that. We tell you here once and for all: the proportion of precocious children is 2.3% of the entire population. So, from a statistical point of view, yours isn’t a genius: it’s just boring like all the kids.

Top 10 very rare things that people think are very common, but not at all

4. The Northern Lights

We know that the aurora borealis are not easy to observe. What is less known is how rare they are. You have to meet a lot of conditions to hope to cross one but keep hope, we have the advice to see the aurora borealis which should boost your chances by 0.2%.

5. Writers who make a living from their profession

Attention big depression in perspective for the future authors who read this top. In 2016, there were approximately 100,000 affiliated authors, that is to say those who received 8,649 euros in royalties per year or more (knowing that the “more” can be counted on the fingers of one hand). It is actually very difficult to make a living from one’s profession when one sells less than 30,000 copies of one of his books, which is to say that it is not won. No wonder 98% of authors have another job on the side. (source)

6. Burglaries in the middle of the night

EH YES. Leave your door wide open at night when you go out for a party, that’s not when you risk having your family jewels stolen. In fact, 95% of burglaries happen in broad daylight during the holidays. It’s quite logical in fact, burglars who are not completely stupid people, do not want to find themselves in front of you in the middle of the night.

7. Sexual assault by a stranger in the woods

I don’t think you will be reassured to learn that in 94% of cases, sexual assaults are committed by someone close to the victim’s entourage. Awesome no? (source)

8. The self-made men

A very American fantasy which consists in believing that people are on their own without the help of their parents, without the privileges linked to their social condition, and without the help of their networks. In fact, there’s no such thing as succeeding on your own without having a few helping hands, even risky ones.

9. The good bits of Christophe Maé

We thought at one time that there were several and in fact there were not several. Worse than that, there were none… Sorry krikri.

10. People with Gil de la Tourette syndrome who say bad words all the time

This syndrome is rightly associated with people who say “whore whore cock motherfucker” and compulsively give the middle fingers. These ocds are called coprolalia (swearing) and copropraxia (making fingers), but you can have the syndrome without suffering from these handicaps. It is estimated that only 10% of patients with Gil de la Tourette are brought to swing insults and arms of honor in any situation. (source)

Rarity is precious.

Source: Reddit

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