Top 10 very early failures of rich and famous entrepreneurs, no pain no gain

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, you already have to have an idea and a good preference. Then you have to develop it, get it funded, export it and pray that it works with the public or that no one steals the concept. Lots of people have good ideas, but few have the will or the ability to carry them out, just like those inventors who struggled with their inventions. So we decided to show you some examples of people who have succeeded in their lives, but have experienced big failures before that, those who really didn’t want to let go.

1. Bill Gates, highway traffic measurements

Before creating the modest little company called Microsoft, Bill Gates was a college student who worked for a company that studied and counted highway traffic. A boring job like a date with me, which prompted him to create a program that automated all that and sell it to the different states of North America. The thing wasn’t a big hit and luckily for him it moved on to Microsoft just before a similar system was offered for free by another company.

2. Jeff Bezos and online auctions

If there’s one thing you can’t take away from Jeff Bezos, it’s that he’s one of the billionaires who started from scratch. And not only did he have nothing to do, but he also shit, several of his projects fell through the cracks, like an online auction site (beforeeBay arrives) and the first version ofAmazon which was only a kind of library on the internet. But today he’s going to space on a yacht, so believe in your dreams.

3. James Dyson and the magic vacuum cleaners

Before succeeding in selling vacuum cleaners that cost the price of a house, Sir James Dyson struggled and probably ate bread crusts for almost 15 years. He put all his savings into making THE prototype bagless vacuum cleaner that worked and launched his success, but before he found it he failed many, many times. There are 5126 failed prototypes before finding the right one. A patient man.

4. Soichiro Honda, a man passionate about cars

The founder of the automobile company Honda started working out of passion in a garage at the age of 15 after dropping out of school. For eight years he worked to create new auto parts that he offered to Toyota which were always refused. After World War II he worked on an engine design that used less fuel and started his own two-wheeled motor vehicle company. A few years later he began to manufacture his own cars and hop, little finger of honor to Toyota creating one of the best-selling cars of all time, the prestigious Honda-Civic.

5. Arianna Huffington, from rejected writer to media mogul

You may not know the person but you know his name since he is the creator of the famous newspaper / press group Huffington Post. But before creating this empire that she sold for nearly 300 million dollars this woman had tried to publish her second book which had been rejected by no less than thirty-six publishers. A nice revenge for a person who has become very influential.

6. Steve Jobs, a not so nice guy who struggled

Steve Jobs may well be one of the bosses hated by their employees, but he was still a guy who knew how to sell while Steve Wozniak did all the work. After being fired fromApple he bought the studio Pixar who continued to evolve very well, but above all founded the company Next which she really wasn’t phew. The only thing that really resulted from this company is thatApple bought him back basically to get him back on board.

7. Brian Chesky, the man behind Airbnb

A broke and indebted student who lived in a roommate with his best friend, Chesky decided with the latter to rent part of his apartment for people passing through. Then he thought that a lot of people might need to do this and decided to start a company that would make it possible for them. So he set up the project and sent it to seven big investors: two never responded and the other five declined, saying it would never work. After a year the application was launched and I won’t tell you what happened after, you probably know it.

8. Elon Musk, successes and failures in shambles

If today we know the man behind You’re here, SpaceX and more recently Twitter, Elon Musk still suffered several big failures. First with the sale of PayPal for the benefit ofeBay which was clearly not to his advantage but especially with SpaceX which experienced a huge drop in value after several rocket explosions. Then there was the association with NASA and neither one nor two became the richest guy in the world.

9.Walt Disney

We told you about Walt Disney with the people who never give up because after being fired from the newspaper where he worked for lack of good ideas, he created his first animation company which quickly fell apart. He lived on straw and even ate dog food, since it was cheaper. But Walt was not one to give up and when he set up his second animation company it was a real hit.

10. JK Rowling, at the head of an empire

The second richest woman in England after the Queen struggled a lot before becoming one. As we showed you with the works that nobody wanted at the base, JK Rowling saw her book being rejected by twelve publishing houses before finally being able to have it published. And at that time she was living with her sister completely in trouble following a painful divorce.