Top 10 urban legends around personalities that are fake, totally fake

Life is much too calm, simple and boring to be content with it. And this thirst for mystery has fed collective imaginations for too long. When we focus on stars or historical figures, the concentration of urban legends becomes overwhelming. And who would have died and been hidden, who in fact would have been abducted by extraterrestrials or who would have slept with a horse for fun. No, actually, that’s not true.

1. Paul McCartney, died in 1966?

No. It was an American DJ who launched this totally unfounded rumor in 1969: according to him, McCartney would have died (this expression is absurd, no one finds death and no one seeks it) in a car accident in 1966. In reality, McCartney had a tiny accident in 1966 and was badly sewn up. He let the stache grow out and looked a bit stiff, hence the lookalike theory that resulted. Afterwards, people looked everywhere for clues: the cover of Abbey Road where the Beatles are in white, the supposed hidden message “I buried Paul” on Strawberry fields, and everything. But he’s fine, McCartney, and even laughed at this rumor, expressing surprise at not having been made aware of his death.

2. No, Madonna did not mate with a horse.

It’s an ultra-tenacious rumor: Madonna would have slept with a horse as part of her period “I experiment with everything and the conservatives find that I mislead the youth with my daring attitudes”. Except it’s a thousand-power imbroglio. Basically, we confuse Madonna, in this story, with Cicciolina, an Italian porn actress of the 70s and 80s. And… Moreover, it’s false: Cicciolina has never slept with a horse either. There are videos of the act, but it’s not the Cicciolina in the footage. She also demanded 70 million dollars in damages from Google for this bad referencing.

3. Just imagine Hitler was NOT a vegetarian

Hitler would have been vegetarian, everyone knows it and says it, with the background of the idea that being a friend of animals does not mean that you are a horrible person. In reality, nothing proves this information, absolutely nothing. Some historians believe that Hitler primarily ate vegetables for medical reasons, but that he also sometimes, more often than not, ate meat. In short, total urban legend.

4. Walt Disney was never anti-Semitic

Walt Disney has often been associated with anti-Semitism and his past as an admirer of Nazi Germany. This story dates back to 1941 due to a dispute between Walt Disney and one of his employees who was Jewish. The unionists of the studios then agitated the argument of anti-Semitism to win the battle of opinion. Except that… Well no. Walt Disney has never made the slightest anti-Semitic statement, at least not publicly, and all the witnesses who have worked with him confirm that they have never heard anything like it from him.

5. Marilyn was not a stupid blonde (goodbye clichés)

She’s a chestnut tree: Marilyn Monroe was not a brainless sex symbol, far from it, since she had an IQ of 168. Admittedly, IQ tests were intended for children at the time when Marilyn was adult. That’s why it might be a legend. However, this is also due to the personality of the actress that we discovered after her death: dark, a great reader, intelligent and sensitive, in short the opposite of what she was asked to embody on screen. .

6. Sarkozy did not miss Sciences Po

His detractors kept repeating it: Sarkozy was a loser, a frustrated man who had missed Sciences Po and wanted revenge on those who had passed. But this is false: after a DEA in Political Science, he entered Sciences Po and therefore took courses there. What is true, on the other hand, is that he took his entrance exam to the law school while he was at Sciences Po and therefore did not complete the course within the school. But he studied it well.

7. Albert Einstein had no problem with math in school.

“You know, don’t tell yourself that you are bad at maths, big boy, look at Albert Einstein, he was bad at maths at school when he became the greatest genius of gnagnagnagnana”. It’s dead wrong. At 15, Einstein had already mastered integral calculus and differential calculus, stuff that even the head of the chess club at your high school who had as many buttons on his face as on his calculator did not yet know in senior year. In short, we say absolutely anything.

8. “Ich bin ein Berliner”, a perfectly grammatically correct sentence

In Berlin, in 63, Kennedy would have ridiculed himself by declaring in front of the crowd “I am a little Berlin donut”. It is absolutely false. The sentences “Ich bin ein Berliner” and “Ich bin Berliner” are both grammatically correct, except that the second would imply that Kennedy was born in Berlin, which is not the case. This legend was exploited by political opponents of Kennedy who did not have to use it too much since he died 6 months later.

9. Napoleon was not particularly small

He was about 1.70 meters tall, which for the time was totally normal. This long-lasting legend has several origins: first, Napoleon often posed with marshals and generals of the Empire chosen for their tall stature. Next to them he was small. Then, the English and the Prussians kept agitating the supposed short stature of the Emperor to discredit him in public opinion and make him a frustrated dwarf. And above all, finally, when the English measured his remains, they took note of their measurements in English inches and feet; however, these did not correspond to the French system of feet and inches. So this is a conversion error.

10. Avril Lavigne was not replaced by a lookalike in 2002

Apparently Avril Lavigne died in 2002 and was replaced by a lookalike, a girl named Melissa. The best proof of this assertion is his change of musical course on the one hand and especially the small physical modifications that his fans have been able to glimpse. Except that we are talking about cosmetic surgery and changing haircuts. No, no kidding, Avril Lavigne is still Avril Lavigne and if you think about it, you don’t care.

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