Top 10 unusual privileges of English monarchs (pretty cool anyway)

Hear, hear, good people, damsels and damsels! Troubadours, roar the trumpets, the drums! Elizabeth II is no more. Normally, you knew about it long before reading this top (if not, it was time to come out of your cave). As tradition dictates, it was her first child, Charles III, who inherited the British throne. From the throne… But not only! The English monarchs have many advantages, far too unusual and out of time not to tell you about them. Read, savor, envy.

1. They inherit a title longer than the Pan-American Highway

Even if we just say “King Charles III”, his real title is “His Majesty Charles III, by the Grace of God, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. » Just that.

(If you didn’t understand the title of this point, know that the Pan-American Highway, at 30,000 km, is the longest road in the world.)

2. … and unexpected honorary titles

In addition to being kings or queens of England, the monarchs are also heads of state of 15 territories and have quite… Unusual honorary titles. Charles III is notably Knight of the Order of Australia, Knight of the Order of the Elephant (Denmark), Grand Cordon of the Order of the Chrysanthemum (Japan) or Grand Commander of the Order of the Lion of Malawi. Yes, I know, looks like a Pokémon evolution.

3. They are also kings/queens of whales, swans, dolphins and sturgeons

At least, of those that are in the country and in the waters around. As for the swans, the status is taken very seriously: the birds are counted every year in the Thames. On the sea side, animals have been considered “royal fish” since a law of 1324. How to shine, from the Court to the farmyard.

4. They can’t be judged

Yes yes. If they break a law, they risk nothing. They don’t need a lawyer or anything since they have total legal immunity against any civil or criminal prosecution. Do you see presidential immunity in France? Well, it’s the same, except that it lasts a lifetime. Nice.

5. They don’t need a passport to travel

The sovereign is the only member of the royal family to benefit from this advantage. A considerable saving of time at customs. Whatever, you will tell me… When we travel by private jet and a limousine awaits us on the tarmac… Bouarf. Why bother?

6. … Or a driver’s license

The sovereign is the only Briton who can drive without a licence, without being worried about anything (in any case, as we have already said, even if he transgresses the laws, he does not risk much). Since the rules, when you’re king, it’s overrated, he can be the wheel of any machine, even without a license plate. Go hop, administrative problems less, it’s nice.

7. They inherit a few thousand dollars

Well, ok, the sum is not the same for all the kings and queens, but generally, they still fit pretty damn well. Charles, he inherits a small fortune estimated at 1 billion euros, and 100 million in annual income. A little pocket money that he can withdraw from his personal ATM. Pure simplicity.

8. … And all this without paying inheritance tax

Ah yes, what a funny idea… This privilege was introduced in 1993 to prevent the heritage from being overtaxed in the event of the close death of various members of the royal family. I’ve always been told that to stay rich, you have to live like a poor person, but I didn’t think you had to play the game to that extent.

9. They celebrate their birthday twice

Elizabeth II celebrated her birthday privately on April 21, the day of her birth, then officially on the second Saturday in June, to escape the English rains. Just like his mother, Charles III will blow out his candles on November 14 with his family, then on a different date with the rest of England. Two birthdays = twice as many gifts and words of love. We are genuinely jealous.

In addition to the crown of England, King Charles will inherit many titles and privileges, each more surprising than the next.

Posted by L’Indépendant on Friday, September 9, 2022

10. They have a personal poet

Yes yes. Since 1663, a British poet has been made available to the sovereign. It is he who composes verses for the King on special occasions or for certain speeches. Rather stylish, like taff, personal poet of the King of England. If I could also have one to rhyme my tops, that would be nice.

11. Bonus: they find their face on all possible goodies

Clearly the greatest pride of an entire reign. I will have made a success of my life the day when souvenir shops will sell solar figurines with my effigy. If you are looking to complete your collection of Elizabeth goodies, you will surely find what you are looking for in this top list of items to pay tribute to the Queen of England.

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