Top 10 unsung members of well-known bands, those who missed out on fame

Life is cruel, it can play dirty tricks and play horrible pranks on some people, like those who play the same lotto numbers for 40 years and don’t do it once when it’s that day that they could have won. In the world of fame, there are quite a few cases of people who left a group or a troupe before success arrived, as if the only thing that prevented fame from coming was them, and we invites you to see some examples here right away.

1. Seymour Brussel: the fifth member of Les Inconnus

At the base the Unknowns were five, there were in addition to Campan, Légitimus and Bourdon the actor Smaïn and Seymour Brussel. Until 1988 Brussel was in the collective before Smaïn left and he too decided to go solo. Faced with a first failure, he decided to become an osteopath and magnetizer therapist. However, he continued to play in the theater and appeared in several films since, but we are not going to lie to each other, he did not have the same success as his three friends.

2. Pete Best: the fifth (or rather the sixth) Beatles

When we talk about the fifth Beatles we generally refer rather to Brian Epstein, the group’s manager until his death, but in reality the group had two musical members who hung up their gloves before the group exploded. There is first Stuart Sutcliffe who left the group and let McCartney take over the bass before dying of a cerebral hemorrhage shortly after but also Pete Best, first drummer before the arrival of Ringo Starr. He stayed for two years before the producers decided to replace him because of absences from concerts, but mainly because they didn’t find him good enough. Look how disappointed he looks.

3. Bruno Moynot: the forgotten of the Splendid troupe

If he is present in most of the films of the troupe, this current director of the Splendid theater has never been put forward as much as the rest of its members. At the start, however, he was often given important supporting roles, then gradually it became appearances and extras. Why this separation of the troops? No idea, but that doesn’t take away from the love I have for Christian Clavier, best member of the troupe.

4. Tony Chapman: first drummer of the Rolling Stones

Before Charlie Watts came to beat his cymbals to the furious rhythm of the Stones’ revisited blues, it was Tony Chapman who was behind the drums in the group. This beautiful time when Brian Jones was still alive before Mick Jagger took over the microphone after his dubious death. But back to Chapman who simply decided to leave the band because he didn’t really like the way the Stones played the blues and probably bit his balls afterwards.

5. Jason Everman: Nirvana’s fourth member

You may not know “Nirvana” and “Soundgarden” member Jason Everman for the simple reason that he was released from both bands fairly quickly. He appears on the cover of the Cobain band’s debut album “Bleach” and is credited as the lead guitarist on it. Then Jason joined the army where he remained until 2006 after being sent to Iraq, Latin America and Afghanistan. Then he obtained a degree in philosophy at the age of 45 at Columbia University and became a monk in Nepal. Yeah clearly the dude got more lives than in a video game.

Top 10 unsung members of well known bands those who missed
Photo credits (Public Domain): Member of the United States Army, serving with Everman in Afghanistan

6. John Berry: one of the creators of Beastie Boys

Before the trio was the one that made it famous and therefore before the arrival of Ad-Rock alias Adam Horovitz, John Berry was the band’s guitarist. Present on the very first EP, however, he decided to go his own way, and it was precisely at this time that we replaced him with Horovitz and that big fame arrived on the group. The story doesn’t say if Berry had it bad, but sometimes there are decisions you regret.

7. Doug Sandom: The Who’s First Drummer

Double blow for this founding member of The Who since on the one hand, he left before the group literally exploded, but in addition, he was replaced by Keith Moon, and for those who do not know Keith Moon only know that he is considered one of the five greatest drummers of all time. Something to quickly forget Sandom who did not get along with Pete Townsend anyway. For the trouble, I put you a photo of Keith on the verge of launching the start of a car race.

8. LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett: the other two Destiny’s Child

When Matthew Knowles (Beyoncé’s father) wanted to put his daughter and Kelly Rowland at the forefront of the group, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett did not necessarily appreciate being put in the background. These two early members then left the project (or were forced to leave, it’s unclear) before being replaced by Michelle Williams. Needless to say, they yelled and tried to make some money back then, but no, planetary fame came after them.

Top 10 unsung members of well known bands those who missed
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): Derivative work created by Jonathan LGardner using works by Asterio Tecson, Eva Rinaldi and The Drama League

9. Bob Klose: Pink Floyd’s first guitar

Before the band became Pink Floyd, it toured under the name Tea Set and on guitar for that band was Bob Klose. Nevertheless, Klose was on the one hand much more confident in his future by focusing on his studies than on the band and above all, he preferred to play jazz, which did not necessarily go with the deeply psychedelic music that was trying to create. instill Syd Barret in the group. So he slammed the door of dawn at the piper (for connoisseurs) but has already come back to play with good old David Gilmour on his album On an island.

10. Lianne Morgan: the sixth Spice Girls

Britain’s second biggest band after the Beatles (it’s ok, kidding) also got a last minute change before the fame train stopped, and it was Lianne Morgan who decided to get off and was replaced by Melanie C. Besides, it screwed up a mess, because we had five different first names and overnight we were forced to add a Melanie and install a system of initials to accommodate it. to regain. Not cool Lianne, for the trouble no place on the photo.

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