Top 10 unlikely places where money was found, go search the cat litter

Money is what makes the world go round. Unless it has to do with gravitation or God or something like that. Anyway money is important since we spend most of our life working to have it only in order to be able to spend it, it sounds stupid but that’s how it is . To protect themselves, some people decide to hide their duly or illegally earned money in particularly unexpected places, and this is what we suggest you see right away.

1. In the walls of a bathroom

By tearing down the walls of their bathroom to redo it, an American couple found the sum of $182,000 in old bills. The thing is that in addition, the banknote models were old enough to interest collectors and raise the value to half a million dollars. Like what, it is better to buy old than new.

2. In a storage box

In the United States, you can buy back the contents of a storage room without really knowing what you’re going to find. An American made the right pick when he spent a little over a thousand dollars to obtain the contents of a room in which there was $500,000 worth of gold and silver coins. Clearly, why work when you can buy back what’s in storage boxes?

3. In a cat’s litter box

It was in France that a police dog discovered nearly €24,000 in cat litter during a search. Of course the investigation spoke above all of fraud and organized gangs, but personally I think it was the dog who stashed the loot to make the cat wear the hat, always trying to get those bastards down.

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4. Buried in an old farmhouse in England

When an Englishman was teaching his little cousin how to use a metal detector he had no idea that they would both find 9213 old coins buried in the ground. Not only did they find €426,856 worth of coins, but they also broke the record for the largest number of Roman coins found at once, which makes me say that we really have records for everything and n anything.

5. In his own body

This is the story of a Colombian woman who discovered that her husband was cheating on her, and to get revenge she quite logically decided to eat their savings, as anyone would do. Except that after swallowing $7,000 worth of tickets, she had a little stomach ache and had to go to the emergency room and the doctors could only save $5,600 since the rest had been digested a little.

6. In a TV

Obviously we are not talking about a flat screen but rather an old-fashioned cathode-ray screen TV. A Canadian had stashed the money he had inherited from his parents in the 80s in a television, about 100,000 dollars, before giving it to a friend a few years later. A few years later, in 2017, the friend threw the TV in a dumpster and it was the employees who found the dough and returned it to its original owner who had completely forgotten that he had stashed money in it. .

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7. In His Socks

In 2013 a guy tried to smuggle $130,000 across the Mexican border by hiding it in his socks. It could have worked, if the guy in question hadn’t forgotten to remove the weed that was on the back seat of the car, which logically attracted the customs officers for a more thorough search. This is by far the worst hiding place imaginable without messing around.

8. In the roof of a house

What’s boring when you hide your money in the roof of your house is that you have to be sure that the level of sealing is square. And then you must not have weasels or rodents. In any case, that’s how an Australian family decided to store their $500,000 in savings and didn’t put any money in bank accounts, until a neighbor tried to steal them. The roof is a bad plan.

9. In the heels of her shoes

A Colombian woman (one more) was stopped at the airport with 5590 cash in her bag for further search. And that’s when security agents discovered that she had stashed €174,228 in banknotes in the braided heels of her shoes. It’s less stupid than socks but it’s not super hidden either.

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10. In an old sofa

It’s the story of three roommates who buy an old second-hand sofa for $20 in a kind of American Emmaus and quickly discover that there is actually $42,000 stashed inside. But since they were good people, they brought the money back to the owner whose deceased husband had stashed away money for their old age. A beautiful story, but had to keep the money, are idiots.

11. In My Ass

No kidding, I was going to have a quiet colonoscopy last month and then the doctor woke me up after the operation telling me that they had found a one franc coin that I had swallowed in elementary school. The problem is that it has taken no value, on the contrary, the smell has made it lose it. But now, we know each other a little better now.

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