Top 10 unexplored places because no one wants to go there

It’s not just houses that are haunted in the world. There are also natural places that are almost unexplored, or explored by people who have never returned and therefore cannot testify to what the holidays were like. And if even the locals decide not to go, there must be a good reason.

1. Cradle of Humankind, South Africa

Also called the “South African hominid site”, this place is visited by tourists to discover Australopithecus fossils. And at the bottom of the cave, there is a kind of interior lake whose exploration is absolutely prohibited by the South African government. The reason is simple: a group of divers got stuck there a few years ago and obviously died. In short, no one dares to explore this lake from which no one has ever returned to describe what was inside. Brr.

2. Lake Tele, Congo

Near the very isolated town of Impfondo is Lake Télé, which is almost inaccessible and fed by the waters of the Congo River. This lake is known to the villagers for sheltering a monster, the Mokélé-mbembé, and the locals will never sail on its waters. The animal is said to be a type of dinosaur known to kill people whenever it gets the chance. Witness accounts support this account, as well as the extremely low proportions of hippos that live near the shores of the lake. In short, this one is almost unexplored.

3. Inside Australia’s Black Mountains

In the national park of the same name, there are caves sacred to the aborigines where bats abound. This sanctity makes exploration impossible and it is impossible to draw a map of the cave system. Some people who would have ventured there never having returned, most people keep their distance.

4. Hall B of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, India

This temple dedicated to Vishnu, which dates from the 16th century, houses absolutely crazy treasures. In 2011, precious stones worth fifteen billion euros were found in an underground chamber. But a second chamber has still not been opened and probably never will be, because it is adorned with a design of a cobra, a not very nice snake in life but whose symbolism is even worse. Nobody dared to try it. What does Indiana Jones do?

5. The Maidstone Tunnels, England

These tunnels are long, dark and their network is not documented. We don’t really know what they are used for but a priori used to connect important places including a former psychiatric hospital (I don’t feel good just saying it). No one goes there for more than two minutes.

6. The Bottom of the Cave of Crystals, Mexico

This cave is home to magnificent natural crystals, but the temperature does not allow you to stay there for more than 10 minutes: it can be up to 60 degrees inside. We cannot therefore explore it entirely, because it would take more than 10 minutes to go to the end of the end of the end. So we don’t know what’s going on. Pity.

7. Hades’ Gate or Hell’s Gate, Turkey

This door was discovered in 2013 in Turkish ruins. It is estimated that the amount of CO2 emanating from these ancient ruins could kill anyone who comes close to them. So no one goes there. The carbon dioxide emanates from a fault in the earth’s crust on which the ancient temple is built. Nobody knows what’s in there.

8. Yarlung Tsangpo Gorge in Tibet

In this giant canyon, it is said that there is a hidden waterfall that only Buddhists who have reached nirvana can see. As the Chinese authorities have restricted access to the site, it is almost impossible to know if this is true or not. However, an Anglo-Saxon adventurer, Ian Baker, made two documented expeditions in the gorge without discovering the said waterfall. A matter of nirvana, no doubt.

9. Dawsonville Forest Nuclear Lab

Located in Georgia (the American state, not the European one), the laboratory was abandoned in the 1960s. In the 1950s, nuclear tests were carried out regularly without the appropriate protections for the environment. The residual radiation is therefore still very strong there and the locals tend to avoid the area because they do not necessarily want or need to have a third arm. It is said that the laboratory has remained in this state for a long time. I’m not going to check.

10. Nahanni National Park in Canada

Also called “The Valley Without a Man” or “The Valley of the Headless Men”, the park is only accessible by boat or plane. Native Americans avoided this area, which they believed to be haunted by evil spirits. The history of the valley is dotted with disturbing disappearances, such as that of gold diggers William and Frank McLeod, whose decapitated corpses were found. The corpse of a frozen trapper was also found in 1945. In total, about forty people ventured into the valley without ever returning. Today, no one goes there.

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