Top 10 types of pajamas and what they mean about you, go to sleep

If there's one thing we all do in life, apart from breathing and perhaps defecating too (although, it depends on each person's transit), it's sleeping. And what better way to get a good night's sleep than wearing comfortable pajamas. Like tastes and colors, it's still a bit debatable, here are the official definitions of what you wear at night and what that means about you. I decline all responsibility in the event of a nightmare.


You are a naturally painted person, you have no filter, no modesty, but above all no limits. And it's good when you're in your little home: you make everyone feel comfortable, you see the glass full rather than two-thirds empty and you're not afraid of people's gazes. Outside, it's a different tomato sauce: you tend to take up all the space to show off without worrying about people who are a bit more modest than you and you step on people's toes by imposing on them your opinion. Calm down, in fact, we don't all have your level of confidence.

In underwear

You enjoy the sweet things of life without taking too many risks. Enjoy it yes, but not at the risk of your life. People appreciate you for your joie de vivre and your maximum level of chill, even if you know how to take responsibility in due time (like when you have to move your car because you haven't yet noticed that you're in a place delivery). “Long live you”, which will be written on your epitaph.

The t-shirt you stole from your boyfriend

You are dependent on others and you are stuck in a toxic relationship that prevents you from thriving on your own. Pull yourself together damn it, you don't need other people to go to the movies or to order a 50×70 pillowcase. You also have the right to have your own style, to make your own choices, and above all to buy your own cotton pajamas to keep your ass warm in the winter.

The handsome matching set

You live for the cameras, as the young Gen Z people say that I'm a little jealous of. Your pajamas reflect your state of mind: you want to look your best at all times so that you are ready for every occasion in case you randomly come across your crush, your ex, a show producer or your banker . It would be a question of stopping doing too much because the only person who watches you at night is your cuddly duck, all threadbare with one wing missing.

Grandma's nightgown

So you don't live for the cameras at all, but for absolute comfort. And who could blame you because ultimately, the goal of a night is to be restful and rest seems pretty average when you're wearing something other than a big, slightly faded dress. Afterwards, if you could take it off once you're up and not put a Cheum dressing gown over it to drink your herbal tea in front of Télé Shopping, that would be nice for the people who sleep at your house after your New Year's Eve party.

The cross-country t-shirt you took part in in CM2

You want to show that you are a sporty person who thinks about passion, biceps and proteins even while sleeping. But you know, even the biggest ones sometimes take a rest after a good squat session, so also think about giving yourself a little rest because I'm not sure that your +1 is a big fan of the push-ups you're doing in the middle of the bed while you sleep.

Joggers too big

Hygiene and style are not your priority and your loved ones have realized this. They tried to tell you about it, but they quickly gave up when they smelled your foul morning breath that had been lingering for six days. Throw this in the fire, go take a shower

A satin nightie

You want ken tonight and you let it be known. You're right, everyone saddle up, we didn't come here to sleep (well, yes, a little, but that can wait). On the other hand, if you don't want Ken, send it to me frankly, it's the worst choice for getting grumpy, you slip too much in the satin, zero comfort.

A onesie

You have big problems with nostalgia. The proof is that you come back to your darons every weekend so that your mother cooks you childhood culinary pleasures like puree with a well for ketchup or already shredded Ficello. The rest of the week, you drink your hot chocolate in front of TFou and you call CAF crying because you didn't understand what they meant by “declaration”. Grow up a little damn.

A t-shirt full of vomit and very disgusting jeans

You fell asleep completely drunk again, damn, you're seriously in trouble there. Ten times you've been told that mixing Get 27 and red beers is the worst idea in the world, but you don't listen. Now you're going to spend the worst night of your life in discomfort, nausea and the bad smell. Well, that’s good for you, there you go.

Be careful, if you don't share this top with at least ten people, your cat will come and bite your nails while you sleep.

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