Top 10 types of genital cosmetic surgery operations

Because it is becoming more democratic, we hear more and more about cosmetic surgery operations on female and male genitalia. Well today I’m not going to tell you about it.

Of course it is, I’m going to tell you about it, by the way, you’re here for that. On the other hand, I’m not going to give you my opinion on cosmetic surgery, because that goes against the uc’. I’m just going to explain to you what these small strokes of the scalpel consist of which “reduce the labia minora” or “enlarge the penises” as if I had 12 years of medicine behind me (when not at all). Prepare to wince a little because it’s not always very jojo.

1. Nymphoplasty (or labiaplasty)

This is the scientific name of the famous “reduction of the labia minora of the vulva”. People who use it do so for aesthetic reasons, but also to facilitate sexual relations, avoid discomfort when they walk, or even reduce the risk of infection. Concretely, the operation consists of removing part of the lips, either lengthwise or on a specific part, before suturing to make an almost invisible scar.

It’s a relatively easy operation with low risk of complications, but that’s no reason to resort to it just because a few morons find that “the labia minora sticking out is ugly”. It’s better when it’s a well-considered choice and a real need. Damn, I said I wouldn’t give my opinion.

2. Penoplasty (penis lengthening)

There is an operation to play on the length of the penis, but only at rest. It consists of cutting the ligament that connects the penis to the pubis, which makes it gain 2.5 cm to 3 cm in length at rest (in erection, the size hardly varies). Patients who resort to this operation do so purely for psychological reasons, to feel more confident. As for complications, usually there are none, but erections can be a little less satisfying because the penis will be a little less erect (or a little less at attention, if you prefer). In short, do not expect miracles either.

3. Increase in penis girth

After the length, the thickness. And there are two methods:

– The first is lipofilling: the injection of fat into the penis. Basically, fat is taken from the patient and injected into the penis to make it gain an average of 2.5 cm in circumference (at rest AND when erect). All this in 45 minutes under general anesthesia. Complications are rare but they can exist. There can be risks of infection, necrosis, hematoma, and the fat can sometimes make not very pretty balls visible when erect. Not phew.

– The second, which is less practiced and less recommended, is the injection of hyaluronic acid into the penis. For once, it is done in local anesthesia and it only takes about ten injections to achieve the expected result (2 to 3 cm more in circumference). The result can last up to two years, but the product eventually goes away. There can be complications, especially if we multiply the sessions to go beyond 3 cm, or if the wrong hyaluronic acid is injected (which sometimes happens). It is better to go see real pros, then. Especially if you care about your machine.

4. Clitoral hood reduction (or female circumcision)

The clitoral hood is a somewhat ugly word for the skin that covers the base of the external part of the clitoris (otherwise called the “glans of the clitoris”, even if the word is cheum here too). It’s a bit like the foreskin of the clitoris, basically. Only, in some people, the clitoral hood is a little too big and it covers the glans of the clitoris in its entirety, which can limit sexual pleasure and make a small bump under tight clothing. In this case, it can be reduced in size by surgery. Attention, it has nothing to do with excision, which is the total removal of the external part of the clitoris and which is an atrocious mutilation. There, we just remove the “foreskin”, under general or local anesthesia with sedatives. Normally, complications are rare: it is especially necessary to respect the instructions of the doctor for a good healing and to expect a hypersensitivity of the clitoris in the first times.

5. The testicular implant

Following cancer, testicular torsion resulting in necrosis, or an accident, the patient may have lost one or two testicle(s) (not more, no). In this case, he can use the testicular implant, which will just simulate the presence of a testicle in the scrotum. It’s a bit like a breast implant, except that instead of placing a fake breast, a fake plastic ball is placed. Above all, it allows the patient to feel better about his body, but that is not of much interest on a purely medical level. As for the operation, we make an incision in the scrotum to place the implant inside, and we can fix it so that it avoids going up. After that, the patient stays more or less a day in the hospital before being able to go home quietly. There is very little risk of complications, and it is reimbursed by health insurance, so it’s only positive.

6. Labia majora augmentation

Most cosmetic surgery on the female genitalia involves removing something, but this time it involves enlarging the large labia of the vulva to make them fuller. It has no medical interest, it’s a purely aesthetic choice. The operation generally consists of lipofilling: fat is taken from another part of the body and injected into the labia majora. All this under general or local anesthesia, in just 1 hour.

7. Hymenoplasty (or reconstruction of the hymen)

In some cultures, young women are asked to “prove” their virginity by showing that their hymen is still intact. It is obviously outrageous. But unfortunately, some women therefore resort to surgery to reconstruct their hymen. In this case, the surgeon removes a little tissue from the vaginal wall to come and recreate a false hymen which will rupture on the next penetration. Following the operation, it is generally necessary to wait 24 hours before resuming a normal rhythm of activity. A bit like after a good bake.

8. G-spot augmentation

So yes, the G-spot does exist, and we can increase its size to increase sexual pleasure. For that, it is enough to practice an injection of fat by lipofilling or hyaluronic acid. The second method is favored because it only takes 5-10 minutes without anesthesia. It’s even faster than going to Domac’, but it’s still a bit less harmless.

9. Scrotoplasty (or scrotal lift)

The scrotum (more vulgarly called “ball skin”) can stretch and sag, especially with old age. It causes what is scientifically called a “hanging balls” phenomenon. You can slow it down by wearing shapewear, but once it’s too late, you can resort to surgery. The operation consists of removing the excess skin from the scrotum to tighten the skin and make everything firmer.

10. Monsplasty (Liposuction and pubic lift)

The skin of the pubic area can loosen over the years, so it is possible to remove what is too much to tighten everything thanks to surgery. By the way, we can also do liposuction of the area for those who find their pubis too bulging. It is done under general anesthesia, and it usually takes a good week to recover (plus 5 weeks without doing sports, easy).

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