Top 10 TV show contestants who gave up way too fast, go bye

Don’t you think we get a little iech now while watching TV? Eh ? The same twists, the same candidates, the same tests… It was a good time when candidates from Koh-Lanta wanted to eat goats and when the deceptions of the Marseillais were real gossip. Perhaps we should invent new program concepts to prevent candidates from dropping out. Or maybe the participants should just educate themselves and practice before throwing themselves into these kinds of shows. Finally I say that, I gave up the patent when it was necessary to write my national identifier on my copy, so good, my opinion eh…

1. Etienne from Beijing Express

If you follow the 2022 edition, you have certainly seen with your own eyes the super surprising move of Etienne, a member of the duo of strangers with Vanessa, who decided to leave the show. Whaaaaaat ??? During the third episode, Étienne shocked everyone by announcing his departure, something never seen before on the show. To justify his gesture, he explained that he was coming to the end of his strength with all the tests he had to pass (at the same time, he had never watched the show before, so he must have been very surprised ). So he decided to pack up after being exhausted from hitchhiking, having a small bout of hypoglycemia and receiving a black flag which would have led him to a duel. Bon voyage Etienne.

2. Charlie from Koh Lanta

The fastest abandonment in the history of Koh-Lanta is signed Charlie, in 2016. 48 hours on the island, a good migraine and presto, return home. A record. At least she will have scored the show for something. If we can still find a little excuse for her, the poor girl had asked the production to have her medicine for migraines with her during the adventure, a basic treatment given by her doctor, but the production had lost it. It’s bad luck.

3. Julie in Married at First Sight

She made us a little sad little Julie anyway! But if remember! She was 81% compatible with Mathieu in season 5, who wanted to get married at the same time as his twin brother Aurélien. But less than 24 hours before her wedding, Julie decided to cancel her union because she did not feel ready. And frankly, we can only tell her that she did well because then it’s a meeting with the beautiful family and you’ll sort it out afterwards.

4. Medhi in Top Chef

We are going to appeal to your memories, but if you are an avid viewer of the best cooking show, then you will certainly remember Mehdi Kebboul, from season 3 in 2012 (but siiii, that of Norbert Tarayre and Juan Arbelaez). At the end of the second episode, Mehdi was among the candidates in danger and had therefore prepared a rabbit for the last chance test. Except that he (Mehdi, not the rabbit) didn’t like the jury’s criticisms at all on his dish and therefore decided to withdraw from the competition. We know some who like to make pudding…

5. Sandro in Marseille

To become a reality TV star, but above all a permanent member of the Marseillais troupe, you have to hang on. Understand doing drama, getting the whole house, and almost getting fired from your jobs. Which was clearly not the case for the nice Sandro, who arrived as a newcomer in season 10: Les Marseillais à Dubaï. A few days after his arrival, he therefore decided to leave the adventure because he did not feel sufficiently integrated into the Marseillais family. At the same time, we had almost come to wondering what a production guy was doing in the field because he was never present in the episodes.

6. Sandra in An Almost Perfect Dinner

Among the cult moments of An almost perfect dinner, there is this masterclass of Sandra, the worst player on Earth. The one who serves canned fruit to her guests doesn’t really appreciate being pointed out to her that it’s not the idea of ​​the century and takes the fly to the point of launching a resounding “shut your mouth” and swinging a glass of water in Philippe’s mouth. So neither one nor two, he takes his things and leaves before the end of the meal (at the same time, logical). Overall, we can say that Sandra had from the beginning given up all hope of winning, given her monstrous behavior, but especially given that she served CANNED FRUIT to her guests. Want to play this video at my funeral.

7. Smiley in The Boarding School

Remember this show which made a comeback in the mid-2010s, where twenty teenagers lived for several weeks in a boarding school to discover education in the 50s and 60s. Wow, that was great art, huh. Well in season 3, we had a good abandonment, with that of Smiley (don’t panic, it’s a nickname, civil status could not authorize such a thing), who left less than a week after the start of the show, that is to say at the end of episode 1. The poor little one had trouble with the strict universe and struggled to integrate. At the same time, it would have been better to register for The Voice Kids.

8. Hervé le Moustachu from L’Amour is in the meadow

The 16th season of Love is in the meadow surely gave Karine Lemarchand terrible nightmares. From the first broadcast, an abandonment had already taken place: that of Hervé Le Moustachu, whose portrait had just been broadcast. Even before he opened his mail in front of the cameras, the pig farmer and grain farmer decided to leave the adventure for “personal reasons”. Too bad because askip, he had received a lot of letters, the bg.

9. Audrey in The Queens of Shopping

When we tell you that there are some who are bad players, we are not exaggerating at all and Audrey is the very good proof of this. The 30-year-old psychology student at the time had decided to stop the competition 44 minutes before the end of her timer, believing that she could not find any outfit that could match her and not wanting to put on something she did not like. End I mean, it’s not as if the purpose of the show was precisely to find something nice to wear huh… Huh…

10. Sylvain in The Best Pastry Chef

During season 10 of the Best Pastry Chef in 2017, a candidate was forced to drop out despite having foooooou talent. It was poor Sylvain who, during the fourth week, had an anxiety attack. The pastry chef first thought he had suffered a heart attack but it turned out that he was under too much pressure and fatigue with this competition. You broke our heart Sylvain, but if you want to come to our offices to give us pastry lessons and make us cupcakes, we welcome you with open arms.

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