Top 10 truths to know about periods, the best time of the month

We had already answered the guys’ questions about periods here, but since it’s such a vast and fascinating subject, we decided to complete this first article with an even more beautiful second one. Because we never talk too much about our girlfriends the rules.

1. If you take the pill, you can skip your period

Well in real life it’s not perfect to do that, but if you have an imperative and it is absolutely necessary that you do not have your period, just chain your two pads as if nothing had happened. Not to do too often huh, because otherwise your ovaries will have it bad and they will be right.

Top 10 truths to know about periods, the best time of the month

2. Periods aren’t just blood

Yes, little friends, the rules are mostly made up of blood, but not only. There are also fragments of endometrium, vaginal secretions and a whole bunch of stuff that must be evacuated by your body which does things so well. And if you still had a doubt: NO it’s not dirty at all.

3. It makes you a big belly (and beer does not help)

Blame it on progesterone, this nice little hormone that does a lot of very useful things, but also makes your belly and your breasts feel particularly swollen at this time of your cycle. After the good news is that everything quickly goes back to normal after your period (which is not necessarily super encouraging if your period lasts 3 weeks).

4. NOBODY knows how to put on a tampon the first time

We’ve all known that complicated moment when we find ourselves face to face with our vagina trying to figure out how to put that damn tampon in there. Generally the first time we push it in the wrong place, we squeeze our legs, we say to ourselves that all the same it’s not comfortable comfort and we have a maximum leak during PE. We’ve all been there, and the good news is that our subconscious has been able to hide this moment of intense embarrassment to allow us to continue living.

5. We all have period panties

I reveal to you a secret kept from generation to generation since the dawn of time: all women have period panties. Why will you tell me. Well, because 1) they don’t want to mess up their best panties with an unfortunate stain 2) they don’t plan on getting pissed off wearing uncomfortable stuff and 3) l he global balance would be upset if women threw away all their period panties overnight.

6. On average, a woman spends 10 years of her life having her period (cumulative huh, not 10 years all of a sudden otherwise it would be really very long periods)

Sorry, I came across this number and needed to share it with someone. Ten years of wondering if we’re going to have a leak, of setting up ridiculous schemes to discreetly throw our tampon in the trash and of rolling ourselves into a ball like little suffering animals. After no one comes to tell me that life is not a whore.

7. Periods make you want to have sex

As mentioned in the previous point: life is a big joke. Therefore, the time when it’s least convenient for you to zigzig (because you hurt all over and want to fuck your brand new Pocahontas sheets) is also the time when you most want to zigzig (because your hormones are telling you to). It’s all very sad, we agree.

Top 10 truths to know about periods, the best time of the month

8. Toxic shock does exist, but it’s rare.

After some very scary testimonials, many of us thought that our tampons could kill us. So yes, toxic shock is a thing that exists and that’s why you have to change tampons regularly and, moreover, rather use a moon cup if you manage to insert it. However, it’s still very, very rare, so don’t freak out too much either. Unless you keep your tampon for 20 hours in a row everything should be fine.

9. You can’t deflower with a tampon

Well-known fear of any girl having passed through college one day, this urban legend of “the friend of a friend who broke her hymen with a tampon” is completely bogus. The hymen is a flexible thing that cannot be broken by a very small tampon of nothing at all, unless said tampon is a male sex and in which case it is a whole other problem.

10. There is no age limit for getting your period.

The average is around 12 years old, but there are some who have them at 9 years old and others at 16. So if you are in 3rd grade, all your girlfriends already have them and you too would like to be able to talk about tampon and pad, tell yourself that you’re actually quite lucky and don’t stress. Well, on the other hand, if you are 42 and you still don’t have them, it may be time to go see your gynecologist.

11. (Bonus video)

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