Top 10 Truths Parents Have the Most Difficulty Accepting

As we know, parents who are too protective of their children (99% of parents, therefore) are very often sensitive. Impossible to make them a remark on their role of parents nor on their offspring. There are lots of truths that they are not at all ready to hear, but too bad, let’s go, even if it means getting strollers on the corner of the face the next time we go to work.

1. “Your children are sometimes idiots”

We know that there are plenty of kids who are potential assholes (even finished assholes). They got nasty before they even had hair under their arms, but their parents will always refuse to admit that they gave birth to a bastard. They will always respond to: “My Kevinounet? He would never be able to do such a thing, don’t be ridiculous. “ Well yes, it’s your Kevinounet who put Timothy’s head in the toilet at recess. Your son is an idiot Nathalie, open your eyes.

2. “If you protect your child too much, he will surely become an asshole when he grows up”

These spoiled children who get everything they want and who never face the difficulties of life become unbearable adults 9 times out of 10 who feel they have everything they can afford. Normal, they grew up believing that everything was due to them, it’s not their fault. It is the fault of their parents who believed that they should never upset their little baby. They created a monster.

3. “Your children may have different passions from yours”

Parents often idealize their future children and imagine that they will like the same things as them, play the same sports, watch the same movies, enjoy the same styles of music, and, perhaps, do the same job. They find it hard to accept that this is not the case, even if it means forcing their kids a little to play tennis “Because daddy, uncle and grandpa have always played tennis, it’s like that and not otherwise okay?” “ While Maxime, all he wants is to dance.

4. “Your children may not have children”

Most parents dream of becoming a grandparent and tend to put a little pressure on their kids to procreate too. It’s totally selfish, since their kids just might not want to have children. Suddenly, they have the impression that they will disappoint their parents if they don’t become parents in their turn, and we end up with a lot of people in therapy when they could have been happy if we had left them alone. .

5. “Your eldest child is not the parent of his little brothers and sisters”

Often, in large families, the eldest child takes on the role of daddy-mom and has to take care of his brothers and sisters. A totally unfair situation since this child asked absolutely nothing. He’s not the one who wanted kids, so it’s not up to him to do all the work when the parents aren’t around. Seniors have the right to enjoy their youth, yes yes.

6. “Your children may be right and you may be wrong”

It sure hurts the ego a bit when someone who is not even half our age tells us that we are wrong, but being intelligent is also accepting that we don’t always know everything. And then it’s not a drama not to know the capital of Tajikistan (sorry but no, it’s not Limoges).

7. “Your children don’t really belong to you”

They can make their own choices and have their own lives. The role of their parents is to provide for their needs, to educate them and to support them so that they grow up healthy. Not to decide what their future will be. Even if we must admit that a doctor is a very good situation and that it is a little scary to see that the son prefers to embark on a career of intermittent entertainment.

8. “Your kids might have a hard time doing stuff, and that’s okay”

It’s not at all a defeat to take your kid to the speech therapist, to a shrink or to make him repeat a class. That doesn’t necessarily mean their parents gave them a bad education. On the contrary, what would be bad would rather be refusing to take them to see a specialist out of pride. Yes, this kind of situation happens on a regular basis. Yes, it is serious.

9. “Sometimes you give them bad advice”

Like when you tell them that it’s better to ignore those students who bully them, or that wearing a balaclava in winter is super cool because it keeps you warm. Well that’s wrong. But hey, it happens to say bullshit, the whole thing is to accept to recognize it. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to educate a kid, especially in those times.

10. “The first names you chose for your kids are a pity”

Sorry but “Gwendolyne”, “Jason” or “Blueberry” is not okay at all. With this kind of name, a child cannot lead a happy existence, it is scientifically impossible. Sometimes parents have to be told that they have made a terrible decision and that they have offered a difficult future for their descendants. Let them assume a little instead of making us believe that they find it pretty.

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