Top 10 truths about the Scouts and Guides of France, SGDF for life

Surely you have already come across puppets in shirts trying to sell you calendars for the modest price of 5 bucks (5 bucks is a kebab, do you realize?!) under the pretext of an action. I am going to restore the real truth in this top and tell you who these charlatans answering to the sweet name of Scouts and Guides De France are.

1. It’s not a cult

No, they may have a similar approach to Jehovah’s Witnesses and a style of dress, let’s say “original”, but that does not mean that they have a revered guru and that they invest their children in the association. Maybe some look a bit like they have a broom where you know, because they are advocating their love for God, but know, and I may surprise you, that there are lay scouts , and there are a lot of them.

2. They sing a lot, and not just mass songs

There’s not really anything to add, except that they have notebooks full of various songs, but they are careful not to interpret them with their soft, slender voices in public in order to maintain their beautiful image of little angels of nature.

3. They hate the Scouts of Europe

But they don’t really know why, except that they find their cousins ​​a bit too stuck up and strict about masses. And it turns out that the scouts of Europe hate the SGDF, even that they lead a little secret war between them, a bit like the War of the Buttons but less violent and with zero buttons, don’t mess around.

4. They do anything with their uniform

Contrary to the scouts of Europe, the SGDF have for uniform only a shirt, to signify their branch, and a scarf, to differentiate the groups. However, they still find a way to decorate it with all sorts of funny unicorn patches, moldy scoubidous and cheap pins. Also know that the little scouts do not hesitate to unbutton the shirt as soon as potential buyers turn their backs.

5. They hate selling calendars, it’s their worst nightmare.

Chilling in the cold for three hours to be ignored or turned down by passers-by and succeed in selling two calendars is not a very thrilling activity, we have seen better and we can understand them.

6. They don’t just do masses and praises

Because casually, they are (almost) normal young people, and it kinda pisses them off to pray to the Lord every minute of their lives. There is more fun than singing blessings before having a tartiflette on the fire, so, without lying, young scouts flee masses and blessings, like you and your exams for the baccalaureate.

7. They do a weird thing called “Bona” before meals.

After Bene (which no one really likes to do) comes Bona. It’s like when you say “bon’app” to everyone around a big table, but longer and weirder. The principle is that one person from the tribe shouts very loudly and the others complete. They all start with the same pattern and then each group declines the ending, and sometimes it really goes off the rails. It looks a bit like a magic formula for drunk guys, but scouts love it (bona, not being drunk, huh).

8. They do Bona competitions with the other bands

The really pushed goal of this very subtle game is to shout as loud as possible and show that their bona is the best because they are proud of it. That’s all.

9. They have Flamby gobbling competitions

Among the very sexy activities of the SGDF, there is the gobage of Flamby. I’m not going to draw you a picture, but there are also very extreme practices called “gob-gob”, and here again I let your imagination illustrate my words. We’ve seen more glamor, but not more fun.

10. They also play violent games

Like the sioule, the British bulldog, or the Moroccan volleyball, because before being little loves in the service of others, the scouts are thick brutes. Nice but thick.

Here you are, you now know part of the truth about the SGDF, these strange little beings who inhabit our countryside, but the best way to know everything is to experience this beautiful adventure with the aftertaste of wood fires and toilets. dry.

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