Top 10 (true) questions Americans ask French expatriates

Whether you are a tourist, expat, student, if you come into contact with these people, they will ask you about the fabulous French heritage whose weight you now carry on your shoulders at all times. Here’s how to answer in all diplomacy knowing that the American out of 5 believes in weird stuff anyway.

1. So you eat baguette / macaroons / ratatouille every day?

Yes, they all saw the same Pixar movie. If we are honest, we tell them that indeed we stuff ourselves with a lot of baguettes, and that we would like macaroons, but that it is a little complicated compared to everything that is bank account and diabetes.

2. Do you have McDonalds in France?

Our food intrigues them a lot, but they also want to check that sometimes we eat normally (read: like them). And when you have explained to them that yes, there are McDonalds everywhere, even in Bourg-en-Bresse, they will ask you if we love to go there. We don’t really know what to say to them. What is certain is that when you see the face of their McDonalds you will envy ours.

Top 10 (true) questions americans ask french expatriates

3. So when you’re not happy, you can just protest?

Obviously they haven’t really understood the concept yet and for them it’s the kind of thing you can do if you don’t feel like going to work today. Well, it’s not always that. Sometimes we just want to play the djembe, shit.

4. What are the clichés about us in your country?

Usually they tell you that in a joking tone. Poor people. Here again, we must use diplomacy rather than telling them outright that they are stupid, fat, materialistic, uneducated, patriotic (too much), and that they all carry a gun. Especially than them, they think we’re elegant, mysterious, cultured, which is much nicer all the same.

5. But on the Internet, they translated everything into French?

“Even on Facebook? Yes yes, it’s weird, but this question comes up often. After all, Facebook was invented in English, so they could have left it as it is, but no, and obviously it intrigues our Anglo-Saxon friends. “How do you say a like? – I like – And a poke? Uh…. poke, but you don’t say it actually”.

6. Can you teach me something romantic in French?

Because they are convinced that in terms of flirting, we are at the top of the top (we invite them to come and take a look at line 11 a little late, during a field study). Question once again painful, not that we do not want to participate in the expansion of the Francophonie in the world, on the contrary, but the imitation of our sentence does not really look like much in general. But hey, you can teach them something like “can you lick my armpit?”, it’s a small pleasure, but you have to find small satisfactions in your expatriation.

7. Can you see the Eiffel Tower from your home?

We can’t blame them, since each time the action takes place in France in a Hollywood film, we see it. No matter how much you tell them that in fact you don’t even live in Paris, they will continue to talk to you about Amélie Poulain who was “amaaaazing”. You are aware that Paris stinks of piss and it’s all grey, but you also know that one day they will come and spend their dollars with us and you don’t want to take GDP points away from your mother country. So you smile and say “of course! »

8. Is it true that studies are free with you?

Yes and we are very lucky. Because the biggest investment of your life right now is going to a second-tier college. So they quite envy our model. Show them the photo of a city U and they will understand that finally, they are not so much to be pitied.

9. Can you sing me a song in French?

Sing them some Gainsbourg if it makes you happy, but in real life if it’s not “will you sleep with me tonight” they will be really disappointed. Especially if you tell them it’s not originally a French song. The best thing is still a good Edith Piaf and everyone is happy.

10. And what do you think of our president?

Boah not much… Will we talk about it again after the next elections?

Top 10 (true) questions americans ask french expatriates
Top 10 (true) questions americans ask french expatriates

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