Top 10 tragic scenes of series that made us laugh, it is missed suddenly

It sometimes happens that we start to burst out laughing in a moment that absolutely does not lend itself to it, the worst being during a funeral when a crying old woman accidentally drops a crate. It is in this order of idea that we showed you the moments when we laugh in films that are not funny at all and quite logically we decided to tackle the series to find similar examples.

1. “Stranger Things” – Eleven’s explanation when she joins Max in the Upside Down

When the young Max is quietly listening to Kate Bush in the upside down world, her friend Eleven arrives to lend her a hand and the first is surprised by her arrival. It makes for a particularly badly acted scene where Eleven ends up saying “I teleported from a pizza dough freezer” as if it were something completely understandable and made sense. Completely stupid as a scene.

2. “Better Call Saul” – the weird police interrogation scene

When the sleaziest lawyer on the small screen finds himself in front of the cops and tries to explain a principle of “people who sit on a pie and fidget” it makes for a particularly dodgy scene, especially as the cops continue to take it very seriously. In real life the thing is funny, it was done on purpose and it was well done.

3. “Big little lies” – the scene of “I will not be riiiiche”

Well frankly there’s not much to say more than this absolutely incredible reply, punctuated by an actress who puts her whole life in the incarnation of the text: “I will not be rich”. Sorry but it was complicated not to laugh and continue to take the thing seriously in the minutes after.

4. “Yellowjackets” – the book club scene

There’s plenty of reason to watch YellowJackets, mostly because the show is so gripping, but there’s a point where Shauna confesses to her husband that she’s never been to a book club, which he’s been persuaded for years and his way-over-the-top reaction gets really, really funny.

5. “Lost” – the dynamite scene

Even today it’s hard to say what the authors wanted to do with this scene: Artz, a partially important character has just exploded with dynamite and Hurley says to his friend Jack “hey, you have a little of…Artz on you”. Inevitably the scene makes you laugh a little while it was not at all funny a second before.

6. “Euphoria” – the interrogation scene where Rue throws out the names of lots of characters from The Wire

As she tries to pressure a guy, Rue starts naming names to intimidate him, except she’s literally throwing out the names of super important characters from The Wire, the best show in the world. Well obviously you have to have the reference, but if you have it it becomes really very very funny.

7. “The Sopranos” – When Bobby confuses Nostradamus and Notre Dame

In the middle of a serious discussion with Tony, Bobby begins to say to him “no, but you know that Quasimodo predicted all that? before Tony realizes he’s confusing it with Nostradamus. He corrects him and the other balances “ah yes NotreDamus”. I laughed at his mother.

8. “Peaky Blinders” – NO FIGHT

When Tommy briefs his whole family before his wedding he gives them a fucking speech about how to behave properly and he insists on a very distinct point: no fighting. And then, out of nowhere, a waiter barely hits him and he turns around to push him really hard as if he was going to bust his ass for no reason. Personally it made me laugh.

9. “The Outlander” – The Hair Removal Scene

When Claire gets waxed, her boyfriend from the past reacts in a particularly peculiar way by telling her that it’s sad to “cut down this forest”. Well I guess the scene was supposed to be funny but in reality I have no idea I never watched this series since I had a pool that night.

10. “Breaking bad”: the dinner scene

Remember when Jesse goes to dinner at Walter’s with Skyler and there’s an atmosphere that you only find in a morgue when two people get confused, Jesse tries to lighten the atmosphere by launching into a monologue about the frozen lasagna which gives a very funny scene while being full of tension.

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