Top 10 tourists who make a fool of themselves in Brittany, stories that make you smile

No matter where we live, we all think that tourists are more stupid than elsewhere. When you see the pearls of travel agencies, you realize that some tourists ask questions without thinking (or that there are a lot of drafts between their two ears). As the Bretons love to judge tourists, they even make articles to bolster them and frankly, it’s a bit funny.

2. Tourists think the breakwaters have grown on the beach

On the beach of Saint-Malo at the foot of the walls, there are wooden trunks planted in the ground; they are breakwaters which are used to break the waves so as not to damage the old fortifications.

One day, a tourist asked the rescue workers in the city: “How did they manage to grow trees there?” “. So no, it doesn’t work that way…

Top 10 tourists who make a fool of themselves in

3. Tourists who confuse Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel

When we confuse Brittany and Normandy, the inhabitants never like it. So inevitably, the Bretons were a little surprised when a tourist asked them: “How do you get to Mont Saint Malo? Is it an island? Is there an aquarium you can visit there? “. Difficult to make a sentence more improbable.

4. A tourist sets fire by burning his toilet paper on the beach after pooping.

5. Tourists who ask directions with very little precision

It was a normal day for the Dinard tourist office when a woman arrived with a question. To find her son’s house, she asked the employees, “Can you tell me where I can find my son’s rental house?” He is on vacation here and I just know that he is 200 meters from the sea”.

How to say it’s going to be a bit fair as info.

6. Tourists who have never heard of tides

In the Côtes d’Armor, a woman arrives very annoyed at the town hall to ask for advice: she cannot find a beach in the area. After being advised of several places, she replies: “I’ve been there before but each time the sea is too far away and you can’t swim. »

Yes, it’s not easy.

7. Tourists who don’t know Fort-Boyard inside out

8. Tourists who do not know the principle of the night

Arriving at his hotel in Saint-Malo, tired and in the middle of the night, a customer returns to reception annoyed because he had asked for a room with a view of the sea. The thing is that his room did have a view of the sea, we just couldn’t see it at night. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

9. Tourists with complicated requests

A Burgundian family, who spent a few days on vacation in Vannes, in Morbihan, sent a letter with some recommendations to the mayor of the city. The subject of their letter: “Mr. Mayor, can you stop the tides? “. Unfortunately, the town hall could not accede to their requests

10. Tourists who have never left Paris in their life

While vacationing in Guingamp, a tourist from the Paris region went to the town hall to allay her fears about the water. She asked the employees of the town hall if they were really sure that the tap water was drinkable, adding “because you never really know when you are in the provinces”.

What an idea to spend your holidays in Guingamp too…

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