Top 10 tourist traps to avoid in Australia, watch out for scams

That’s it ! You ate pasta for 3 years, you sacrificed your social life, your friends, sold your console and some more or less useful organs, but it was worth it! You have your ticket for Australia. Well you’re not going to settle in Australia either, but you’re going to have a good time, huh? But yes, for sure, it’s going to be great. Provided you avoid certain pitfalls and respect a few rules.

1. Ride at night

Unless you’re sitting in the passenger seat of a local’s car (which at best will be equipped with an ultrasonic horn) and you don’t really have a choice. Because at night, on Australian roads, the chances of eating an animal are rather high. Kangaroos, for example, who are particularly numerous, love to cross without looking right or left. Anyway, the road in Australia is more beautiful during the day (check out the most beautiful road trips in Australia if you don’t believe me).

2. Leaving with empty pockets

Provide a minimum budget. And in Australia, minimum = comfortable. We are talking here about one of the most expensive countries in the world. So don’t show up there with your backpack, a banana and a bottle of water hoping that it will be enough to go around the country.

3. Bathe anywhere and anytime

In Cap d’Agde, getting into the water when the flag is red or in an unsupervised area is not recommended but still much less risky than in Australia. A nation that is home to the most species whose sole purpose is to kill you as soon as you step foot out of the plane. On land but also in water. So we bathe yes, but only where it is supervised. Because sea currents are also very dangerous.

4. Neglecting the “registration” for your vehicle

In Australia, it’s called the Rego. It is more or less the equivalent of our defunct sticker, which certifies that vans and other cars can drive. In the event of a road trip project and therefore the purchase of a vehicle, it is essential to comply. It is not free and it is complicated (the formalities change according to the states) but it is always preferable to what could occur in the event of control.

5. Drink too much goon

Goon is cheap wine. Something sold in cubi, like our good old vinasse, but worse. When you don’t have a penny and want to drink locally, it’s usually one of the first things you drink. Attention, the goon is synonymous with atrocious hangovers. And while we’re at it, also avoid eating too much Vegemite. Mainly because it sucks…

6. Not taking health insurance

Because the bill can quickly turn out to be monumental in the event of a problem. Without necessarily the problem being serious. Imagine, for example, spraining yourself while trekking in the bush. Not subscribing to health insurance can then quickly rhyme with spending all your budget on medical expenses and returning home earlier than expected.

7. Climb Uluru

Located in the center of Australia, this large mound which culminates almost 350 meters above sea level sees many tourists begin its ascent every year. Which isn’t exactly difficult, but that doesn’t prevent injuries from piling up there (and heart attack deaths) as well. Which brings us back to super high healthcare costs. In addition, the site is sacred and seeking to pay for the point of view it offers is particularly badly perceived by the locals.

8. Ask an Aussie if he’s descended from jailbirds

A long time ago, Australia was a bit like the open-air prison of Her Majesty the Queen, who sent convicts far from the motherland. Inevitably today, many believe that all Australians are descended from these diverse and varied criminals. What you need to know is that only 2% of these prisoners were real murderers, while the remaining 98% were actually poorer than anything else. And anyway, it is estimated that only 22% of the current population actually descends from these rather special settlers. Asking the question to a guy in the street can then quickly be misinterpreted. See the point on health insurance.

9. Buy electronics

Of the type memory card for telephone or camera or more important equipment. In Australia, these things are worth a fortune. It is therefore best to plan enough memory cards before leaving to be able to take as many photos as possible without having to sell a kidney to buy a new card.

10. Increase domestic flights

Specialists generally advise not to plan more than two domestic flights during trips and to take care that they each cover at least 800 terminals. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. In any case, it is strongly advised to favor the car to discover the real Australia.

Last advice: do not limit yourself to Sydney and Melbourne. Already, there are plenty of other beautiful cities to see in Australia; but above all, Australia is also and above all nature and wide open spaces. And what’s more, outside the cities, it’s cheaper!

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