Top 10 tourist places hated by locals (and we understand them)

Every inhabitant of a somewhat touristy town knows which places to absolutely avoid during holiday periods or once the fine weather has returned. So yes, we often talk about monuments or places that people from all over the world dream of visiting and we could easily pass for spoiled children who don’t give a damn about the heritage of their city, but no, it’s above all that the tourists it’s boring, they walk slowly, they talk loudly, they look up while eating an ice cream and they stop on the wrong side of the escalator. So let’s see together what are these spots that the locals have denied.

1. Times Square, New York (USA)

Probably the most famous square in New York where tourists rush in droves to take pictures in front of advertising screens. For the locals, it is synonymous with untimely passage of travelers, people asking for selfies, shops with exorbitant prices and bad moods. At the same time, with an average of 50 million visitors a year, there’s enough to make it a very crowded place.

2. Taj Mahal, Agra (India)

The building of the Taj Mahal is a magnificent place recognized worldwide since it is part of the prestigious list of the seven wonders of the world. The problem for the nearest locals is that they live in slums, right in front of the hordes of tourists who travel with their Chanel sneakers, so that logically pisses them off. It’s not so much the building that they don’t like, since its symbolism is important, but rather the mass of wealthy tourists who pile up there.

3. Mount Rushmore, Dakota (USA)

The famous mountain in which the faces of four presidents (Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt) have been carved is not necessarily to everyone’s taste. Mostly Native American Lakota people who lived in the area and considered the mountain sacred, sparking controversy that the faces of four presidents were still carved while their people were being decimated at one of their most famous sites. more important.

4. The Champs-Élysées, Paris (France)

What would Parisians do without the Champs Élysées? Well in reality it wouldn’t change much since most avoid this place except to celebrate a victory at the World Cup (once every 20 years). Mind-boggling prices, a slew of tourists, angry motorists and chances of bumping into Nicolas Sarkozy… Do you really need an extra reason to avoid this place?

5. Bourbon Street, New Orleans (USA)

In the French Quarter of New Orleans we find the magnificent Bourbon Street, whose magnificent colors give a unique atmosphere. It is mainly for this reason that tourists come in droves to take their picture. It doesn’t take much for the locals to desert the place to stop finding themselves in the images of a bunch of assholes without their consent. At the same time, it’s also because of them that certain secret places have become too touristy, and that’s boring.

6. The statue of Peter the Great, Moscow (Russia)

The tallest statue in Russia is clearly not a favorite of the locals and it is here for aesthetic reasons that it is despised. “The ugliest statue of the end of the 20th century” as some locals do not hesitate to call it therefore does not only make people happy, and at the same time it is defended: the statue should be in tourist places that ‘we are not allowed to take a picture but clearly for matters of taste.

7. The statue of Christ the King, Swiebodzin (Poland)

The tallest statue of Jesus in the world financed in part by the surrounding cities and the inhabitants is clearly, clearly not a building that brings people together. Between the complaints about its location (border with Germany and near a supermarket), the debates between Christians and atheists and recently the fact that antennas were placed in its crown to swing waves of love and wifi everywhere, the statue seems to fuel a lot of heated discussions.

8. The Valle de los Caídos, Cuelgamuros (Spain)

This monument to the dead of the Spanish war poses a big problem for the locals, indeed, “the valley of those who fell” was commissioned by Franco, and many prisoners worked there to build it, so it is one of the least loved places in the country. Logic that it is therefore found in the list of monuments built by prisoners.

9. The Palace of Parliament, Bucharest (Romania)

The building in which we find the parliament, the senate and the Romanian chamber of deputies is frankly not very appreciated by the locals. The cause ? Its construction. Basically, while the people were breaking the slab and suffering from misery, the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu used the wealth of the country to build it. You can imagine that having a palace built by its people who don’t have money doesn’t go very well in terms of communication.

10. Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, Rome (Italy)

For this monument in the heart of Rome, the problem is not necessarily the presence of tourists (otherwise they would hate the whole of their city the Romans) but rather the shape of the monument itself. “The false tooth”, “the typewriter” or even “the wedding cake” are the nicknames that can be heard from the mouths of the inhabitants to describe this immense marble building. Once I even heard a local say “big shit”, but I still don’t know if he was talking about the building or about me.

There’s also my grandmother’s village bakery which pisses the locals off a lot, a century-old story of overcooked baguettes and too random openings on Sunday mornings. The bastards.

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