Top 10 tourist activities to stop urgently (like, now)

Traveling is cool, it’s trendy, it’s aware. But sometimes there are tourist activities that may seem great but actually do more harm than good. So we’ll bring you some of them so you won’t know what to do when you travel.

1. Ride an elephant

Because they are illegally captured, separated from their mothers at an early age, and tortured to obey Man. And if you want to ride on the back of an elephant, you do like Mowgli or Tarzan, you become friends with him and then you ask him nicely.

2. Smash Machu Picchu

Even at an altitude of 2340m, the Inca city is victimized by the 100,000 tourists who come each year. In addition to using trains and buses to get there, they deviate from the marked paths to atomize with their feet what remains of the soil of the city. Moreover, even Unesco said that we had to calm down.

3. Take selfies with a tiger

They too are abused so that we can have a new profile picture aiming for 100 likes. As with elephants, it starts with separation from birth, mistreatment and a lifetime in enclosures.

4. Visit Egyptian tombs

Here the concern is the carbon dioxide and the humidity emanating from the tourists who breathe inside the tombs. As a result, the Egyptian government closed several tombs and restricted access to others. Otherwise the solution is for tourists to stop breathing and sweating. So this tomb will be their tomb.

Top 10 tourist activities to stop urgently (like, now)
Picture credits: jestudyarthistory

5. Watch monkey shows

When it comes to training an animal to earn money, humans are sometimes an asshole. In the case of monkeys, they are forced to walk on two legs which is far from natural for them and live the day chained or in cages. Lovely trip.

6. Visit a bear park

A bear is so cute, we want to hug them. But a bear is also a solitary animal. Suddenly by parking them in pens with other congeners, they are stressed, feel bad and are more likely to catch diseases and infections. The best thing is to come across a bear in the wild, at the bend of a waterfall, and together you would eat freshly caught fish and laugh about your common experiences.

7. See a dolphin show and swim with them

Aquariums that are too small and water that is not suitable for their skin give them various infections. They often die of heart attacks related to the stress experienced in these pools. If you want to see dolphins, you go into the ocean with your kayak and you wait.

8. Carry and pet sea turtles

In open aquariums it is possible to hug sea turtles. Except that in addition to not being in their natural environment, they are subject to the clumsiness of tourists who, even if well intentioned, can damage their shells, fracture their fins and break their claws. Yes they are fragile.

9. Visit Venice

So yes, as it’s close to our home, it seems a bit stupid, but nay. The number of tourists has doubled in 30 years, causing an increase in water transport and therefore pollution and the destruction of the ecosystem. Add to that the rising waters and it’s downright bad news for Venice.

10. Climb Mount Everest

Well ok it’s not every day that you stuff yourself with the highest peak in the world. But you should know that its base camp is nicknamed “the highest dump in the world”, because many visitors have left their shit everywhere. And they are 700,000 to go there every year. It’s a lot.

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