Top 10 to prefer his grandparents to his parents, grandma I love you

Parents, they educate you, they love you, they pay for your activities, but you have to be honest for two minutes: it’s not super fun. Rare are the parents who dare to lose their facade of severity. They must be responsible, serious, and therefore a bit boring, it must be said. Not to mention that they never have time for us, especially if they are far from retirement age. Grandparents are so much better.

1. They make lots of cakes

Because retirement leaves time to make tons of cakes and delicious dishes. We say “a recipe from grandma”, not “a recipe from dad”, it doesn’t come out of nowhere huh. Grandparents always know the recipes for very fatty, very sweet dishes, and cry foul if you don’t refill yourself three times minimum.

2. They are always on your side

They’re old, spent half their life raising your parents, and so they support you all the time, even if you screw up. They’re past the age of being strict, and you’re their little protege, so they’ll always be on your side, especially when you argue with your parents.

3. They are more tolerant

Did you just change college or job again? It’s normal, you’re still looking for yourself. They’d rather you take your time to figure out what you really want to do with your life, rather than throw yourself headlong into business school, like your dad.

4. They cuddle a lot

And stinging kisses (why do grandmothers always sting their chins?) They can’t restrain themselves when they see you, they have to pat you at each reunion. You look like it gets you drunk, but in truth admit it, you love it.

5. They yell at your parents

That’s the icing on the cake. Seeing your parents become children again, it really helps to restore order in all situations. You tell yourself that they too have parents, they too were children, they too had to sneak out to go to Sophie’s party when they weren’t allowed to. It feels good not to be the one who gets yelled at all the time, there’s a justice.

6. They are always happy to see you

Even if you saw them last weekend, they are always happy to have you with them for a bit. They are finally enjoying having a child but without the inconveniences. While your parents are happy when you’re at school, at least you’re not in their hands.

7. They are present at all your dance shows

Camera in hand, eyes riveted on the scene, they do not lose a crumb of what is happening. Your parents don’t have time to be there but it doesn’t matter, your grandparents will be proud as peacocks to see their descendants wiggling around in tutus.

8. They are your confidants

You can tell them anything, and they won’t repeat it. They are your bulwark against your parents, and they will treasure all the secrets you can tell them. Even if they won’t always approve of your behavior, they will listen to everything, which is good enough.

9. These are bookcases on legs

If your grandparents are old, they can tell you about the war, their amazement when they saw a man walk on the moon on their old television, the time when telephones did not exist and the speeches of the General De Gaulle after the war. All that, they lived it, they are living memories, memory boxes stuffed with history.

10. They throw files on your parents

You got yelled at by your mother for sneaking around? Nothing to dramatize, at your age, she was doing much worse. Are you repeating your Second? Your father took his baccalaureate twice because he smoked joints all his senior year. See, you’re not the worst in the family.

And you, what are your reasons for preferring your grandparents? Personally, I want a grandmother like Lady Violet in Downton Abbey, or like Poupette in La Boum.

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