Top 10 tips to be super strong at Wordle and Motus

MO-MO-MO-MOTUUUUUS! You all have the jingle of the show, the head of the presenter and the hatred felt in front of this damn black ball, in your head. If Motus as TV games has been around for a long time, its mobile versions (Wordle, Sutom) are only a few months old… BUT WE’RE ALREADY HOOKED! As very bad losers, we tried to group together a maximum of techniques to never fail. But since we’re cool, we share them with you. It’s a gift.

1. Focus on the first and last letters

I know… It’s super tempting to want to find the first or second word. But in reality, you have to accept to be wrong. It’s emotionally tough, but coming up with words knowing they’ll be incorrect turns out to be much more effective than you might think. By “bounding” your word (sorry, I couldn’t find a synonym for “word”), that is, by finding the first letter and the ending, the rest often comes by itself. Like, if from the start, you have “BOO” right at the beginning of the word, and you insist on staying on it, there are so many possibilities that you may never get there. On the other hand, if you have B__LE, there are only about fifteen alternatives left (BACLE, BAILE, BALLE, BAYLE, BELLE, BIBLE, BIGLE, BILLE, BOULE, BRELE, BRULE, BUGLE, BULLE, and BURLE.)

2. Clear the vowels

A, E, I, O, U, Y. Knowing that A, E, and I are the most used letters in the French language. By quickly scanning the latter, you are already doing a lot of sorting. To test the presence or not of a max of vowel in a single word, you can try, Farewell (5 letters, 4 vowels), Media (6 letters, 3 vowels), Birds (7 letters, 5 vowels), Completed (8 letters, 5 vowels) or even waterer (9 letters, 5 vowels).

3. Have a super effective seed word

Here too, we must try to test as many running letters as possible. Besides the vowels, there are the consonants S,R,T,L,N,D,C. They are among the 12 most used letters of the French language. If your starting word can therefore contain one or two, plus vowels, that already puts you in better conditions.

Below, our 5 favorite words, to start a game on Wordle.

Top 10 tips to be super strong at wordle and motus

4. Know the letters that are not in the word

Here again, it’s about testing the most used letters of the French language (or English, depending on the version of the game you have chosen.) It may seem paradoxical and unnatural to look for the error to win, but actually, it’s super useful. By eliminating some common vowels and consonants, you also eliminate a lot (really a lot) of possibilities. Of course, these strategies only work if you simply try to find the solution, without putting pressure on yourself. If you want to break records for time and number of proposals, it may be more complicated.

5. Keep in mind that a letter can be repeated several times in the same word

In English: the “O”, the “E”, the “L” or the “T”, for example. In French: the “S”, the “L” or the “N”, to name but a few. Thus, if an “S” appears in yellow or red on your screen, keep in mind that the information given concerns only this letterbut it gives you no indication of its frequency in the search word. The only way to be sure: suggest a word in which the letter found is doubled.

On Wordle, almost a third of the words are affected by this rule… A chance in three, therefore, of removing a good thorn from your side quickly! Don’t thank me, I’m happy.

6. At the end of the fourth round, make concrete proposals

Yes, because hey, accepting to be wrong, that’s fine for two seconds, but after a while, we’re there to win. 3 rounds: this is normally enough to get an idea of ​​the consonants, vowels and duplicates present in our word. From there, we take a deep breath, and we eliminate from our mind all the possibilities containing a gray letter. Basically, it’s half and half. Over 6 laps, the first 3 make it possible to make a good household, the following three make it possible to transform the test.

7. Read to build your vocabulary

It sucks, said like that, but it’s true. As you read, you will realize that there is a good bunch of words that we do not hear often (never, even) but which could well stand out in one of our games. You will be able to really win the day when you know how to understand these sentences:

I am infatuated from Wordle, while I thought this game coruscant was made for histrionsit actually plunges me into a state of alacrity. What a beautiful serendipity ! sorry for this sentence amphigouricmy character sycophant pushes me to denounce the shortcomings of our speech. (Yes, yes, I swear, it’s French.)

8. Do not replace the yellow letters randomly

Some letters will more easily find their place at the beginning/middle of the word (such as the “Z” or the “B”), others at the end of the word (the “S”, the “E” or the “R”, for example). If a “Z” is yellow (that is, placed in the wrong place), it’s a safe bet that its place is not at the end of the word. Following this logic for all misplaced letters should get you closer to the solution faster.

9. Do not draw the black ball

Best advice I can give you, actually. To draw this black ball is to see a whole empire of reflection, research, concentration, self-transcendence, collapse. Like that. Without warning. And it’s super hard to take. Some never recovered. I know this is easier said than done, but please be careful.

Top 10 tips to be super strong at wordle and motus
Picture credits: Topito

10. Obtain the list of solutions

The least honest technique, but by far the most effective. Provided you know how to read the Javascript language (which, let it be said, is not given to everyone.) Indeed, Wordle’s solutions are all in the source code, which you will easily find on Wikidata , for example. Good after, in all objectivity, it looks quite technical. I wanted to cheat, but I couldn’t. So, either I’m really stuck (which is very likely), or it’s really not within everyone’s reach. Not easy to stay equanimous (confers point 7) in the face of so much inequality.

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