Top 10 Tips That Are Weird But Effective (Yet Weird)

We’ve already told you about grandmother’s tricks that look fake, but are true! And know that it’s not just the grannies who say bullshit that is not (you follow?). On Reddit, we’ve dug up little tips for you that sound like bullshit, but which could actually save you the day from time to time. Don’t thank me, it’s a gift.

1. Put drops of milk in your eyes when you get out of the pool

According to some swimmers, this would relieve irritation linked to chlorine and chemicals present in the water. A FEW DROPS, eh, not the brick.

We’ve all experienced this: Getting out of the pool, with red eyes, sometimes very irritated…?? We explain the causes and how to avoid it! ?

Posted by Coach Nage & Piscine on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2. Use your peripheral vision in dark places

Your peripheral vision allows you to use more rod cells. However, these are very important for moving in the dark, identifying shapes and detecting movements. Very practical if you get lost in the night or if you hit a bad power cut! Otherwise… There is also a flashlight on your phone. Just saying.

3. Put mustard on your burns

In addition to calming the pain, it will prevent the injury from getting worse. For sunburn, place slices of tomato on the affected part: the fruit will cook on it and absorb the heat. Don’t forget to take a good shower afterwards…

4. Chew bread when cutting an onion

Already, because bread is good. Then, because it will prevent you from crying! If you are allergic to gluten, you can also strike a match (extinguished of course) between your teeth, or read these tips to not cry while cutting an onion!

5. Pretend to choke to escape an awkward situation

Nobody, I mean NOBODY can blame you for going to get a glass of water. The technique is not to come back to this person afterwards, of course.

6. Add “again” behind the “steps”

Example: “I don’t know how to do that”: negative, boring, counterproductive and closed. “I don’t know how to do that yet”: opens up the field of possibilities, de-dramatizes, motivates you to do it later. Wow, I really feel like I’ve become an undrinkable manager on LinkedIn there. It doesn’t look like me at all yet… No… Actually… This rule doesn’t always work yet. WOW BUT THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE YET. DON’T DO THAT YET, ACTUALLY. STOP, I’M GOING TO SPIN.

7. Say “fish” or “I’m not a fish” when you have hiccups

OKAY I HAVE NEVER TESTED BUT IT SEEMS TO WORK. My boyfriend’s aunt’s best friend’s cousin’s sister heard it at the hairdresser’s. According to some articles, reminding your brain that you are not a fish could prove effective. The rationale: hiccups are triggered by electrical signals generated in the brainstem. That of amphibians emits similar signals, to control the movement of the gills. Thus, our brainstems, inherited from amphibian ancestors, would still emit similar signals producing hiccups. OKAY CAN SOMEONE WHO HAS CURRENTLY HICQUOTS PLEASE TEST PLEASE?

8. Use an ice cube to calm your anxieties

For some, it is necessary to plunge his hands into cold water, for others, to melt an ice cube on the back of his hand, or even, to place it in his neck. In any case, the cold seems to be an implacable solution to stress. For New York psychotherapist Sheri Heller, “The stimulation of the sensory system by cold water overrides the feelings of dissociation typically associated with anxiety. Cortisol production increases, resulting in immediate relief. ».

9. Put a small stool under your feet to poop

This “squatting” position allows your intestines to relax, and therefore, to kk more easily. Very good. If you didn’t know it until then, it’s probably because you do a lot of bullshit when you go to the bathroom… Be careful, don’t laugh about it.

10. For a perfect high five, stare at your buddy’s elbow

Tested and approved by the editor! Take the test for yourself.

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