Top 10 tips from rich people to better manage your money (and get rich too)

As we all know, rich people are generally smarter people, but also more beautiful people. It is therefore quite normal to listen to them to draw inspiration from their perfect management of all their dough which comes out of them through all the orifices of their skin. Listen carefully, ignoble poor that you are.

1. Use your bank card as little as possible

The bank card is evil (except when you have the black card, then you don’t care). We use it casually, we don’t even need to enter the code with the “contactless” option, so it’s the best way to not see the money evaporate. The cool is only that true to ruin you too quickly.

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2. Never buy products online

Blame it again on that credit card bullshit. Buying online is dangerous because in one click we can satisfy our unhealthy urges. If you absolutely want to buy this bamboo to put it in your maid’s room, wait at least two days to weigh the pros and cons before taking action. And go into a trade with a human rather than donate money to Amazon, thanks.

3. Apply the 50/30/20 balanced budget rule

Of your gross salary, you assume that 50% will be reserved for your fixed needs (rent, taxes, transport, food), 30% for your little desires, things that are necessary but not essential (drinking shots in a bar , go to the hairdresser, go to the theater etc.), and finally the last 20% you say goodbye to them and you fool them into savings by monthly transfer so that we don’t discuss. It’s of course more difficult to do when you’re at the RSA, but what an idea to be so poor, it’s really ridiculous!

4. Do your shopping in the hypermarket and not at the grocery store downstairs

Good for shopping, there is a set of tips to follow in its own right. Buy in bulk, plan your meals for the week to buy according to your needs, do not be fooled by merchandising, watch the price of products per kilo, cook rather than buy prepared meals. In short, it is above all a matter of common sense.

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5. Not spending money is a bit like earning it

Think about that every time you’re about to crack on a stupid purchase. Not succumbing to temptation is as much money as you keep in your wallet. Unstoppable logic.

6. Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, because it actually pays a little

Yes, it’s stupid, but reducing your water and electricity consumption isn’t just good for the planet, it’s also good for your bank account. Clothes are the same, we buy in thrift stores; the furniture, we make it ourselves; ; the food, we cook it. Consuming less is always a little better consuming in the end.

7. Being already rich

So yes it seems to help since when you are rich the bank does not charge you a set of mysterious fees (10 times higher for the poor) and gives you a set of savings devices. In short, wealth leads to wealth, so the easiest way is to be rich from the start. Come on, shall we do this?

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8. Having wealthy parents

Condition to be met beforehand to reach the above-mentioned point.

9. Have rich friends

Which is usually more common when you have rich parents and you’re already rich of course. Sure, you can have a few poor friends for fun, but not too many or they tend to take all your money. In addition, with the poor, you can only have the leisure of the poor, which immediately excludes rallies in Monaco, shopping trips to the Bon Marché, and two-day bachelor parties in New York.

10. Not paying taxes in France

Obviously, who wants to is not rich. To be rich and even richer, it is fashionable to move to a country where you do not pay tax, if possible poorer than your country of origin in order to immediately access the status of rich .

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